Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Move over J-Lo. Troy Polamalu is in the house!

Head & Shoulders announced on Monday, that they have insured Troy Polamalu's hair for one million dollars with Lloyd's of London, a British insurance and reinsurance market.

The Football star of the Pittsburgh Steelers hair is a homage to his Samoan heritage. The length of Polamalu's hair: 3 feet long (and counting). Quite a scary thought considering the man is in a contact sport in which almost anything in reaching distance is used to tackle and pull men to the ground.

Worst case senario? A football player gives him A Million Dollar Hair Cut (well Head and Shoulders anyways).

Fashion Week Is Here



Giving you an inside look of what is to come in the world of Hair Fashion. We will be breaking down the styles and trends of what is to come and giving you our interpretation of what it means to you in the commercial world!

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Are you attached to Paris Hilton extensions? Apparently she's not.

According to the claim Paris Hilton was seen wearing other extensions in photographs and on television. This puts miss Hilton in a bind with her current extension endorsement, Hairtech. Hairtech is suing Miss Milton for £22.4 million, stating that she was in fact wearing an alternate brand, missed a big hair show because she was in jail for drunken driving, and damaged its image via her lifestyle.

Find out more on this matter.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Hello all! I have been working on doing some videos and have been working with some new equipment. Within the next month I will have a lot of fun and new things dedicated to this site. In 2011 This site will be full force with consistent content and material but for now you will just have to be patient while I continue to grow and share with you all of my discovers!

- Gregory