Thursday, September 30, 2010

Panasonic Develops Robot Hair Washer

Take a seat back hairstylists Panasonic develops a robotic system that will wash your hair.

And no it doesn't have 10 fingers. It has 16!

"With 16 fingers, the robot washes hair and rinses the shampoo bubbles with the dexterity of human fingers,” the company said in a statement.

“The robot’s two arms scan the head three dimensionally as they move and measure and remember the head shape to apply just the right amount of pressure to each person when shampooing and massaging.”

Looks like this will not hit stores for another two years, but it is interesting non the less.

Redken Teams Up With Video Game Company To Launch Wii Game

This seems a little silly to me. I don't know though, maybe it will work. Maybe it will strike more of a positive result to kids? Not quite sure.

Redken one of the leading professional American Hair Care Companies teamed up with Little Orbits to create the game titled: "Busy Scissors"

Looks like the game will include shampoos, blowdrying, coloring, cutting and all sorts of things to bring your hair skills into the digital world.

Do You Love Mary Kate & Ashley O: Is All Set To Premiere The Girls New Line has been filming the duo as they have anxiously been preparing their collection and show to showcase their work titled "The Row." Named after Savile Row.

Check out this short video that showcasing the girls work, some interview time and of course their inspiration.

I am very curious to know what these girls will send down the runway in the hair department. When I think of the Olson Twins, I think very organic. My guess is we are going to see very loose natural movement to their hair, Probably nothing to polished.

Make sure to check out the exclusive on, October the 4th @ 7:30 pm

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lil Kim Opens Doors to Second Salon

Lil Kim (entertainer & SALON OWNER!) Opens the doors to her second salon in Charlotte.

Kim opened the first Salon "Se Swa" branch in Raleigh in 2004 with her cousin Katrise Jones and the two have now transformed the salon into multiples, opening their second branch in Charlotte.

The doors to the salon opened on Saturday, September 25th and was celebrated with family and friends.

Hair Colorist Wednesday!: The Power Of Color

It's Time For This Week's Edition Of Hair Colorist Wednesday!!!

I found this absolutely wonderful video on the internet of how color can completely change the vision of an image and influence an array of imagination, inspiration and creativity.

Before I talk about why this relates to Hairdressers I want to share with you a little bit about this video.

This video was a collaboration of four different artists working from different areas around the globe & working together to create one masterpiece after the other by becoming inspired by color, shape and each other!

All of the artists were strangers who have never met and who come from different backgrounds. One is a student who was taking art classes on the side. One is an aspiring artist who was interested in a fine-art career. One is a hobby doodler. All were brought together from different parts of the globe to interact artistically in a way that wasn't even possible just a few years ago.

The participating artists didn't spend much time interacting with each other beforehand, but somehow the randomness become many birds and bird people. I asked that we change that into a Van Gogh starry-night image but make it a sunrise. That little bit of direction was all it took for the video to take off. Everyone's imagination was on overdrive. People who were watching would make up stories to go with what they saw, and that in turn influenced the artists. It was all people playing and killing time.

OK SO WATCH THE VIDEO....... Then My Blog Will Continue!

So why does this relate to Hair Colorists?

Well many reasons, first being the obvious. It's art and as a colorist art is naturally inspiring and informative!

But it so much more than the obvious. My goal was to share this with the intentions to express the power of color. Did you notice that throughout the video there was a point to which the picture changed before your eyes? Of course you did! It was so simple when you really break it down. By utilizing the combinations of color and shading to create depth and silhouettes, the picture was able to move and change right before our eyes.

The same principles relate to hair color. Color is simply light and depending on the reflection and absorption of certain light waves, changes the way we perceive the colors, depth and dimension of the hair.

It is amazing that by combining certain colors and blending certain colors together creates an illusion of what is perceived and allows us an infinite possibility of creation.

This is an amazing lesson; to follow the principles of color theory. Know your color wheel and understand the law of color within every formulation that you are working with. Take into consideration the colors your currently working with, to understand the colors you want to achieve, just like they did in the video.

Even though the video went quick, it was sped up and with out a doubt there was a thought process and a science put into the decision of what colors were going to be used to create the each segment of the video.

The most important message I want to share though, is let color and other works of art inspire you. Do not live in a bubble and definitely do become self absorbed! Become inspired by what you see everyday and appreciate others work, just like these artists did and allow your mind to take you to new possibilities!

What a wonderful world when hairdressers inspire hairdressers! We are so lucky!

Thank you for reading this post!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Salon Business Monday!: Content On My Website's Links

Hey Everyone! it's Monday and it's time to talk salon business. If you are just joining us then make sure you go back to the past and check out the Salon Business Monday posts for the last 2 weeks. We have been breaking down your salon websites. From how to start one, to what should be on your home page, to today: What content should be on your website's links!

If you need to check out the last 2 posts, you can do so HERE.

Lets get started shall we? Also if you are rushed for time that is OK! Today's post is short and sweet!

So Lets Break down what these links should have on them.


This is where we "sell" what we do. Any time there is a purchase to be made "we" are purchasing based on perceived value. It is not enough to just list your serv ices. Break your services down by category, for instance color, cutting, etc. Within each category make sure you talk about why each service that you give is worth what you are charging, without directly saying why. Also discuss the added value within each service make sure to talk about the added value that comes with that service, whether it be a blow dry, a hand treatment, a foot massage, etc. It is not enough to sell a service, it is imperative that well sell an experience and offer a welcoming and comfortable environment no matter what the market.

Make sure to list the products that you have available in your salon in this section. This is a great place to make it simple for people to find everything related to services within your salon. In my opinion, you want to make it as easily accessible to your visitors to navigate through your site. Maximum information in least amount of spaces. By combining your products and services into one location this allows that. Also talk about your products, talk about why you use them and what makes them so special.

About Us:

This is the fun part! This is where we get to talk about the salon. Tell your guests and future guests what makes your salon so great. Make sure that your literature is consistent with what your are selling and your message is consistent with your brand. A lot of what is listed on this about us section should be a more extensive version of what we talked about on the homepage from last week.

In the about us this is where you put your bios. This is where the visitors get to know the staff. List the staff in order from levels. The owner first of course and then the most experienced to the newest. This gives some structure to the navigation to the bios.

The bios should be as personalized as possible. Talk about what they offer and what services they love to do, but also talk about what they love to do outside of work. Make this fun and personalized. Let their personalities come out. Let your visitors find the staff member that makes them relate-able to them and have fun with it!


Keep your specials visibly clean. Do not overwhelm this page with all sorts of giveaways and specials. Offer what you are offering but make is seem special. Do not make it seem like something that you give away every week. As the weeks go on we will get into more of what to offer, why, how and when. But for now my message is simple. Keep it clean and remember perceived value!

Media (videos, pictures, etc.): We are going to skip this section today as we will get into this next week! We are going to talk about social media and how to make it work for your website.


Your calendar should be simple and personalized. Have a staff birthday? Post it. Having a special event coming up? Post it. Anything and everything that is solidified by a date should be posted through the calender. This will keep your guests in the know!

My recommendation would be to use Google calendars. Want to know more about it? Check that out here. It is so simple to use and can be updated from anywhere!

Contact Us:

In the contact section make sure to have access to any form of communication to your salon available. Phone, email, maybe even AIM, etc. You want to give your visitors multiple possibilities to communicate with you, because everyone prefers a different method.

It is also imperative to have a map of your location, driving instructions and if at all possible a link to do a customized driving directions to your location. Also make sure to add links to your social media.


This concludes today. Remember Next week we will be going over social media. One of the most benifical peices in our segment. SO YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT! : )

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tara's Front Desk Tidbits and Tips: Can't We All Just Get Along?

I know and I understand how challenging it can be to be responsible for not only all the guests in the salon, but also for all the tech's in the salon as well. Tensions will flare, after all humans are humans, right? We are not all perfect...and no, I am not going to argue that statement.

When it comes to confronting your staff in order to keep the peace one thing you must be good at is to have the ability to step back every so often, detach yourself from salon "friend" and actually be salon "boss"and address any issues that may arise... and do it in a manner that is professional. Learn to pull your staff aside and have private conversations with them to address an issue rather than keep it inside and letting it build. I hate when adults act like snickering babies or gossip queens. Especially in a place of business. Stand up straight, bite the bullet, and put an end to any bad energy created by salon staff- and if you are part of that bad energy, please think about searching for a new career. We need positivity, professionalism, and great people representing the hair industry.

Friday, September 24, 2010

How To Get The Prada Hair From Milan

Did you love the 20/30's wave from the Prada pictures?

Here is a great how to.

Do You Love Finger Waves? Check Out These 20's Inspired Looks From Prada

Prada premieres its line at Milan Fashion week. A lot of the inspiration of this collection was taken from the jazz influenced flapper era.

What I love about this look: Its completely modern. The clothing is perfect. Its got an retro meets flapper style. The hair really does tie this look together. It just goes to show how iconic a hairstyle can be.

Free Hugs With Paul Mitchell

Fun Tidbit about how PM went out and gave free hugs!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Get To Know An Indie Designer: Erin Templeton

I am constantly looking on the web for images, fashion, music and just expressions of art in any form or fashion to find inspiration for my work.

I recently came across this designer: Erin Templeton & really enjoyed the pieces she made.

I want to share these with you guys because it is so amazing to be inspired by someone else's creation of inspiration. The best way in my mind to transfer this stuff into hair is be open minded about everything fashion and let the energy guide you. When getting inspiration go with how it makes you feel & forget about the rest!

Here is a lovely article about her, her line & everything else you would want to know. Check it out

HAIRSTYLISTS - How Long Are your Guests Willing To Wait

Check out this great survey through Bella Sugar. They have been tallying up the votes for how long people are willing to wait at the salon until they explode!!!

Check out the results!:
5-10 minutes
10-20 minutes
20-30 minutes
30 minutes or more
Total votes: 163

50 Cent Not Cutting His Hair

Until his album is finished anyways.

Thats pretty sweet. I think he should get his hair huge.

What do you think?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hair Colorist Wednesday!: We Want To Know AH.... What You Think Of INOA

Yesterday I had the chance to learn a little bit about INOA hair color. The process of application. The benifits/features and so on. I am here to tell you a little bit about what I learned, share with you a few articles of what I have discovered, give you my final opinions and most important ask those of you who have used INOA what they know and think of the line!


What Is INOA?: INOA is a L'Oreal professional hair color that is an odorless, ammonia-free permeant hair color that delivers the performance of a traditional permeant based color line. INOA uses an Oil Delivery System technology that is unique to the process of how normal hair color works and processes.

What is the Oil Delivery System: It is an oil based delivery system that maximizes the hair color process, while giving the hair 2x more lipid protection (think of this as strength/moisture building).

The 3 Major Benefits:
1. The comfort - No ammonia/smell/smooth texture
2. The Integrity - The hair strength/moisture is not only maintained but is fortified.
3. Infinite Hair Color Power - The unique system of oil deliver and true pigment tones allow for more options and strength in the power of hair color.

How Does It Work/Use It?:

INOA is a 3 step mixing process. You mix a gel and developer then at that point you mix your pigment. Think of it like mixing your tubes of color in a sense. The actual color tubes are extremely small. You are in essence creating your more common tube of color. ** Note though it is not traditional color in any way.

Application: You start from the bottom and work your way up and you keep the hair as flat as possible. From that point you process and then do a dry emulsification into a wet emulsification. Which at that point you rinse.
** Note I am not an INOA educator nor do I endorse this process of application. This is what I picked up from what I learned and sharing with you guys. It is required that you have formal training with this color prior to any form of application which I do 100% recommend.

Lets take a look at some sites, reviews and comments around the web.


I want to do a little more research. It seem intresting. It also seems intresting how some one is arguing agaisnt the "ammonia free." Clearly there was ammonia hydroxide - which I know to be ammonia water essentially. I am going to do a little more research on this product line and play with it and write my own testimonals. I promise I will speak from the heart and truthfully.


New Video: Behind The Scenes Look @ Day 4 of London Fashion Week

Just a fun tidbit! Don't you love the men's pompadours in the first fashion segment!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Tribute To A Great Designer.

As many of you may already know, there was a beautiful tribute to designer Alexander McQueen today in london honoring him and his work.

McQueen was with out a doubt one of the most influential designers to me personally. The hair that floated his runways was always beyond our time and yet so timeless. He truly was a great designer.

Do You Love American Apparel?? & What Do You Think Of The "Rocker Roots"

You should visit Alternative Apparel! Very similar company, but what I love... They have an entire line of green products made from 100% organic materials.

Well why am I posting this on a Hair Blog? Well because I just happend to get an up date from them through my email and I wanted to comment about the AD.

Check out the "Rocking Roots" I see sooooo much of this. I guess I want to know what you guys think!?

Are you into it, have you seen this before or is it just hideous in your eyes?

Did you know T.H.B. Has shirts for you??

Custom Hair Stylist Apparel On Alternative Apparel T-Shirts!!

Want To Win A Free Dryer?

Do You Love Burberry: Watch The S/S Show Live! Right Here On THB

Watch The Show Live Here @ 11 AM Eastern / 4 PM London Time

If you are unable to view this through our blog that is OK! Watch the show Here:

Monday, September 20, 2010

Salon Business Monday!: What Should Be On My Salon's Homepage?

Over the next few weeks we are going to be discussing ways to incorporate your salon's brand/name into the world wide wine and how to make it effective.

Last week we discussed Step 1, Creating a website and the different options to do so. If you happened to missed last weeks article and you don't already have a website make sure you go back and read last weeks article to make sure you are all caught up. You can view that article here.

Today we are going to discuses your design element. Some of the things you can not live without on your website. Some of these suggestions can be be optional depending on the type of salon or limiting depending on the means to which your website is


For those of you doing this on your own, depending on how structured and limiting your "do it your self" website company has made it, will depend on your limitations to the suggested content and ideas.

For those of you working with a web master, make sure to take notes, because you are going to want to give them insight to how you want your site designed and the content within the site.

We are going to break this up into two sections because it is a lot. So today we are going to start with the overall design and layout of the site, the home page and the menu bar of the site.

So before we begin, keep in mind today's theme: Consistency. When establishing the message and image of who and what you are, without consistency, you loose your integrity.

Lets start with the home page & website layout.

Here is a list of things you want to be aware of when creating & designing a website. Also certain things you want to have written on the homepage.

1. There needs to be a consistency to your brand: This stems from the color scheme, the logo and the energy that is captivated through the imagery posted on the site (for example: A fashion forward salon might have shots of a really avant-garde hair shots or a spa like salon should have soft elegant imagery.)

2. The literature listed on the site should be consistent with the message of your brand. There should also be a message that is personal to future and present guests. For instance explain where your salon falls into your local market. Once again if your salon is fashion forward, position your self that way, but do so in a personalized way. Do not write in generic terms. Create your verbiage in a way that speaks to people like a conversation as apposed to talking at someone. Tell your guests what it means to be fashion forward and express to them why your salon helps them to express their style. Do not be generic, be original and be inspiring to your guests. This will require some originality and some creativity from your part. But do not get discouraged. Take this very slow and think about it. This is very important so take your time and really position yourself with integrity. We are hairstylists, being creative is what we do!

3. The site should be very easy, user friendly and clean. Do not clutter with an over abundance of information. Keep the pictures clear and consistent. Tell a story with the imagery. Having a site with lots of literature and imagery can confuse and distort your salon's image, not to mention make it difficult for visitors to map their way through your site. When building your site think about yourself as a future guest. Sometimes as salon owners we like the idea of captivating all markets so we saturate our site with an overwhelming amount of information about the services we offer. What actually happens is when your site has multiple themes or messages the true message, your brand, has a tendency to be lost.

An example of this might be a website that has some really great images of sexy simple hair, then a message talking about how they do progressive hairstyles and then also having imagery of a super smooth keratin treatment model and talking about A keratin treatment special. Another solution to this would be to create a consistent imagery to the types of styles you create and a separate section for the monthly specials which would take the visitor to an alternate section of the website. This helps to not only make it easier to monitor your traffics interests, but also to keep a much more clear message of your brand.

4. It is imperative to give your guests an insight into what is going on in "your world." The best way to give your guests a view of what's going on in your salon is to keep them connected to your social media networks. Here is a list of things to make sure to incorporate into your website and some ways to get started.

a. Flicker or Photo Bucket: Using either of these or an alternate photo sharing site, incorporate a slide show of pictures of your salon. This gives people a little preview of your salon and captivates a visual energy of the vibe of your salon. ** Make sure your pictures are professional looking. It is not enough to just "do" pictures. It is imperative that they are consistent to the brand.

b. Twitter: Allow your guests to have access to your latest twitter feeds. This gets three things done at once. It keeps your guests in the know, it allows you easy access to keep your guests in the know & most importantly it gives a way to keep your guests interactive.

c. Facebook: Link your Facebook site via your website. You can do this in multiple ways. By incorporating it into the menu bar of your website or incorporate Facebook via a Facebook logo displayed on your site. Personally I have my Facebook linked through the menu bar on my site. I feel Facebook is a must have for salon's and the most interactive outlet between you and your guests. It needs to be a spotlight of your internet strategy. We will absolutely be getting to Facebook later on in our series. At this point you just need to link it up!:

d. Blog: Link your blog via your site. You can do this in the same manner as your Facebook. We will learn more about blogging and why it's important for you to have a blog in your world in later postings.

e. You tube: If you have videos, which you should. give your guests access to these videos, do so in the same manner as the blog and Facebook. Also if your having your site created by a web designer have them incorporate the latest videos onto your homepage or even better an introduction video to exactly what your salon is about, think about it like a commercial!

Now lets take a look at the menu bar, next week we will break down the content of each of these pages:

This is a list (in order) of what I recommend you put on the top of your site in the menu bar & of course why.

Home: This is a pretty much given. You want easy access back to the home page, the point to which the visitors came.

Services: This is very important to list this second. This is what we "sell." When people are visiting your site they are going to want to know what you charge and what you offer. Make this easy access. By listing second you are doing that.

About Us: Visitors want to know who you are. Give them easy access to bios, facts and fun information about your salon.

Specials: You do not want to put the specials right in front. Make sure you give your visitors easy access to what they are looking for right away, i.e; services and bios. It is imperative to have the services and about us prior to the specials. I think you can also have the specials all the way to the right of the menu bar and to incorporate a specials spot some where strategic on the home page.

Media (videos, pictures, etc.): This is where you will post everything media related. It is nice to give access to your social media on the homepage, however you will also need a place to hub it all.

Calendar: Give your guests access to what is going on at your salon. Hosting an event, having special promos? Let them know!

Optional: Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Etc.: If you choose to place these on the menu bar this is the spot you would do it. Basically after all the key information.

Contact Us: I prefer to place this last. Make sure your visitors have learned about your site prior to giving them the opportunity to contact you. It is ideal to have your guests know who you are before getting to know you. What a great way to make an impression!


This concludes today. Remember Next week we will be breaking down the pages, so stay tuned!!!


America Is In Sync With London

With London Fashion Week officially here it seems, knowing that London is usually ahead of the game, that American designers have it right & The theme is 70's.

It's great to see this trend. What is so fabulous about this is the ease of this style and the vast genres that it brings.

Sure you can look at an era and say "that's totally 70's" or "thats so" whatever. Why? Well do to the iconic styles of those generations/decades. Yet within each decade there is a genre and it's time to make our own with a little help from the flower people!

Check out this Look from Twenty8Twelve, Topshop Unique and Louise Gray. Photographed by: Chris Moore/Karl Prouse

Check Out Atelier Versace Look Book & Get Inspired

Atelier Versace Does a great job of creating texture on texture. Something I feel that is unique to a lot of what we saw at s/s fashion week.

As hair stylists lets get inspired by this! What a fun way to take something like this and incorporate it into our design.

Looking at these shots, we see a lot of texture lying on top of texture. This creates subtle hints of volume, not only in hair but also in clothing. The more texture and disconnection to the hair that we create the more the styles will begin to create layers, hence creating more volume.Not only will this give us the effect of volume, but it will allow us to create movement within our design. Movement is a great inspiration of what we are seeing today. A lot of what we are seeing has the ability to be a lot more loose and less structured. Which is exactly what disconnection and movement will create. Think of it as hidden structure.

So Check out these looks & Get Inspired. To see the full Book Click Here

A Fun Series Of Photos: Celebirties Looking Better With Down-Do's

The folks @ Total Beauty put together a fun series of photos with 5 celebrities taking their looks from very formal and styled to very relaxed and soft. I thought this was very relevant to what we have seen a lot lately, but also this isn't only relevant, it's true. Don't these girls look great!? Sometimes it's nice to let your hair down.

Here are my thoughts and some tips of how to achieve these styles.

Christina Aguilera
  • My Thoughts: This I thought was interesting. Reason why? Well, christina always look amazing with that elegance to her style and the look on the left is very elegant with a 40's inspired style. However, I would have to agree with this article she looks amazing with her hair a little loose. Maybe we are so used to seeing her with that Hollywood glam it's nice to see her with something a little more soft. So I guess we can say they both look great but change is always great! So I love it.

    Get The Look: Using a smoothing based product, like paul mitchell quick slip, mixed with a light texture based product, like pureology power dressing. Apply throughly from roots to ends. Dry the hair with a flat brush constantly pushing the hair against the head going the opposite way hair falls. When the hair is 85% dry us a large sized round brush and finish drying to maximize volume.

  • Drew Barrymore


  • My Thoughts: Very similar to the above look in the before. However, the biggest difference is I am not so much a fan of this before look on Drew. It is all about letting your hair down. Using extensions with a slight wave and a little more of a rooty look in the color. Drew is able to express her 70's style and it looks Hot.

    Get The Look: When the hair is dry. Take a very large curling iron, placing the barrel down, wrap the hair around the barrel around the iron without closing the clamp on the iron. Also make sure when wrapping the hair around the iron you leave the ends out.

  • Angelina Jolie

  • #

  • My Thoughts: Angelina in all honesty does not look great with her hair tightly back. When really getting a chance to look at her facial shape, it is clear that she looks most ideal with a little softer look around her face, giving her a more natural oval silhouette.

    Get The Look: Using a root lifting product, like Redken Guts, apply product liberally at the root area. Blow dry hair 90% dry with your hands constantly lifting and pulling at the root and smoothing by creating tension with your hand. Take an extremely large round brush and smooth and lift to finish it off.

  • Avril Lavigne

  • #

  • My Thoughts: It was about time little miss Avril made a change. The look on the right gives her a fun, yet a little more mature look of elegance. What's great about a look like this is that its reversible. There is no reason for Avril to not stay true to who she is, so when she is feeling like she wants a Skater Boy, she can go right back to it.

    Get The Look: When the hair is dry. Using a Medium Large curling iron roll all of the sections going diagonal back throughout the sides and back. With a horse shoe section on top of the head, roll all of the sections going back with a large curling iron, making sure not to leave any partings.

  • Denise Richards

  • #

  • My Thoughts: If this shot was done for Halloween then I get it, but unfortunately it was not. Denise looks great in this after. It gives her a little volume but not an overwhelming amount like we are seeing in the before. The 80's are fun when it's modern, but if we are stuck in the 80's well than its just bad hair.

    Get the look: Take a horse section from the arch of the brow to the arch of the brow. Using the same technique as Avril's, using a medium sized curling iron, roll the hair diagnol back in very small sections. Release the horse shoe section and tease at the crown. If necessary lightly create texture towards the ends of the hair using a very large iron. Spray with a firm hair spray.

  • Sunday, September 19, 2010

    Homecoming Approaches & You Need A Hairstyle?: The Hairstylist Blog Has You Coverd!!

    As fashion week has passed us and the trends are "in" I thought it would be fun to talk about some of the "trends" we saw and how to incorporate them into fun ways to wear your hair for homecoming or in a stylist point of view, some fun styles to show your girls for their "Big Date!"

    The truth is that what's hot on the runway, rarely transcends into the world of high school tomorrow. That is a whole other world of trend. However, it doesn't mean, girls/stylists, that you cant get inspired by whats hot on the runway, right? I mean lets face it, if it's hot.... ITS HOT... right?
    Lets take a little inspiration from the runways and put it in our UP DO's and give those boring old "homecoming up don'ts" a big boot in their spiral butt :)

    Here are a few looks that I recommend for this years homecoming and why!

    1. Christina Hendricks - Modern Mad Men 60's Loose Messy Style

    Why I like this: It keeps you in fashion, it's fun and quite frankly it's hot. It represents a mature and modern woman. The look is sexy and loose; keeping a modern 60's vibe the look is very easy going for a long night out of dancing and shaking on the dance floor. No matter how hot or humid the environment might become, a look like this has enough structure and messiness to keep you looking sexy for your date all night long!
    Also if your feeling even more Mad Men inspired put a little more volume into this look at the crown. This is a great way to really showcase the Mad Girl Inside of you!

    2. Heidi Klum - Flower Power inspired messy braid.

    Why I like: Running with the concept of the 70's, what better way to showcase the fashions to come than a hippie inspired messy braid. Once again it is all about security when you are flying around with your girls on the dance floor. Quite frankly, you can't get much more secure than this braid! If you are the type of girl who is a free spirit and is looking for a style that stays true to your self, then look no further! This style, as cheesy as I am to write this, is far out.

    3. Stuff in Hair - No Fuss No Muss & A Lot of Stuff

    Why i like: Tara (one of the writers for THB) wrote a post about how she is obsessed! with stuff aka accessories in hair lately (CHECK OUT HER POST HERE). From big to little the look is HOT! & has been embraced on the runway. I have to agree, I can't get enough either. Think anthropologie meets homecoming. Doesn't get much better than that. If you are the type of girl who really isn't in to fru-fruing it up but cares enough to bring a sense of style and sexiness, this is the look for you. Wear it with a low chignon, a messy loose up-do! (not up-don't) or just wear your hair down in a loose texture and let the accessory be the highlight of your hair. Remember this look is all about having fun, so if your going to do it, make sure you have fun while doing it!

    Have any other suggestions? We would love to hear what you think is hot this year for homecoming!

    Do You Know Your ABC's: Sassoon Color Class 4 Free offers tons of free webinars from some of the most sought after stylists in our industry. These are classes that you just cant miss! Best part about is that they have all of their webinars archived. So you can continue to watch what you learned, just like a dvd or you can go back and see the ones you missed.

    George Clooney Likes His Gray Hair; But Seriously Who Doesn't?

    When recently at a party with girlfriend, italian model, Elisabetta Canalis a woman approached Clooney to have a chat. When doing so she had this to say to Clooney:

    ‘You aren’t as hot as you think you are! At least colour your hair so you get the grey out. You’re starting to look like an old man,’” the National Enquirer reports.

    My thoughts: Um This Girl is Dumb!

    Luckily George only had this to say: Ha Ha (impersonating his laugh)

    We all know George Clooney's look is hot and that man only looks better as he gets older right? So by all means that must be a compliment. If he is looking older. He must be looking better!

    And with that said, the man must know he is a good looking man. George has been quoted in the past saying this, while speaking of his age:

    “It's an interesting thing to be able to watch yourself grow older on screen. I was watching Up in the Air and I thought, 'Jesus, who's the old, grey-haired guy?' And it was me. I never wear make-up for movies and now it's starting to show,”

    Saturday, September 18, 2010

    Boo! Halloween Approaches: Harpers Bazaar Delivers

    Check out this months cover in spain.

    Looking for something fun to bring to your salon this Halloween?

    Exposure your guests/clients to this months cover of Bazaar in spain and give them a little fashion to their costumes. I think something like this is fun and it gets people excited for the fall season. If nothing else it is always an exciting way to incorporate a little spook with a lot of elegance.

    This cover not only gives us a spooky high fashion vibe, but strikes a pose with fall style. Love It!

    Thursday, September 16, 2010

    Tara's Front End Tidbits and Tips: RECEPTIONIST = GATEKEEPER

    Being the front desk queen/salon manager I have daily hectic occurrences and issues that arise out of the blue quite often. From calming down stressed out techs to making sure things run as smoothly as possible, I know I have to morph into "actress extraordinaire" as soon as i walk into my salon. The key is to stay in control of yourself and just keep smiling. Here is a little tip for all of you front desk diva's out there:

    Lesson #1:
    My best advise? You are the gatekeeper. You are most prospective guests deciding factor on if they are going to bring their business to you or not. You are not just a receptionist. From the way you answer the phone to the way your greet your guest, YOU ARE THE FIRST IMPRESSION, and as we all only get one first impression.

    To be frank, it is very simple and easy and takes no extra time out of your day to be courteous and nice. Laziness is the only reason for not giving out a warm smile and a sincere "Hello."

    Be aware...are you the reason business is not beating down your doors?
    Take the time, Gatekeeper. You are the key to a successful business!