Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hair Cuttery Supports Autism Nation Wide

CHICAGOMarch 31, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Throughout Autism Awareness Month in April, consumers can visit more than 900 Hair Cuttery salons nationwide to "Act For Autism" to support Easter Seals services for families living with autism in their communities. Hair Cuttery fundraising throughout the country will include point-of-sale consumer donations and a special $5.00 discount coupon to readers of Parents Magazine who make a donation to Easter Seals Act for Autism.
"Easter Seals is committed to addressing the urgent needs of the 1.5 million families living with autism today as the nation's leading provider of autism services.  We at Hair Cuttery are proud to be a part of helping deliver solutions to families living with autism through our support of Easter Seals," says Dennis Ratner, Founder and CEO of Hair Cuttery.  "Our associates are truly ready to 'Act For Autism' since many in our Hair Cuttery family have been personally touched by the condition."
With one in 110 children diagnosed with autism today, there is an increased need for funding, services and support. While there is no known cause, cure or single effective treatment, Easter Seals knows that people with autism at any age can make significant progress and lead meaningful lives. Getting the right support at the earliest stage in life can help a child gain the skills he or she needs to be successful.
"Easter Seals is privileged to work with a company like Hair Cuttery, which values its role as a responsible corporate citizen and gives back to the communities in which it does business," says James E. Williams, Jr., President and CEO of Easter Seals. "Together, Hair Cuttery and Easter Seals can raise awareness around the needs of families living with autism and make lasting change in their lives."
To learn more about Hair Cuttery, visit To learn more about Easter Seals' commitment to families living with autism, or to find an Easter Seals near you, visit

My Thoughts: This is a wonderful thing. Even one who works for the private salon industry, I am happy to support a cause such as this.

Hilary Duff Makes Our Blog Twice in 2 Weeks: This Time She's Changing Her Hair Color

Maybe it was the new bangs? Maybe it's the dawn of spring/summer?

Either way Hilary Duff is back to the blonde; showing off her new locks at the premier of  Soul Surfer.

My thoughts: I have to say I thought she made a great brunette. But either way I think this works well for her. 

WIth out a doubt she has extensions here. Not that this is a bad thing! It just goes to show the power of adding extensions in the aid of changing color on a dime. Stylists; it's important for us to educate our corrective colors on the ability of extensions and the deception on how often their colors our changing.

Oprah Offers To Make-Over Donald Trump's Hair

According to Oprah you can't run for president with that Mop. Oprah offers to make-over Donald Trump's hair.

Not only is Oprah wanting to do this, she plans on doing this during her series premier in May. What a "bang" right?

So with the end of one legendary show brings the end of one legendary comb over!
Read more

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Video: "How To Highlight Hair Technique" Multi Dimensional Hair Color Step by Step

Check out this great new video on a really quick and easy highlighting technique creating multi dimensional coloring. Only using 16 foils you will get a ton of color throughout the hair and an amazing low maintenance commitment to the color.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ken Paves & Tim Gun Together For Glamour

On May 3rd NBC will be airing its annual episode of make overs for the Biggest Loser contestants.

This year the lucky contestants who have made it this far through the gruesome tests controlled by the trainers, will get a day of relaxation and excitement. Hosted by none other than Tim Gun & Hairstylist Ken Paves.

"It's so gratifying," Paves says. "I have the luxury of reintroducing women to themselves [when] they've forgotten how damn special they are. When you can take a woman like that and make her look so special, and she looks in the mirror and likes what she sees...that's the greatest part of what I'm doing and what I get to do."

Monday, March 28, 2011

Think Your The Best Hairstylist? Want To Be On TV?

Are You The Best Hairstylist? Want To Be On TV?

It seems there is a Casting Call for the next Hairstylist Reality TV Show!

Think your the best? GO FOR IT!!!!

City: Any
State: National
"Do you think you're the best hairstylist in the country? Do you think you are able to cut any head of hair you are presented with? A nationally-syndicated talk show is looking for women who think they are the best hair stylists in the country"

Learn More Here

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor a Hairdresser?

GeoTagged, [N26.69390, E80.05890]

It seems Elizabeth Taylor always longed for a career as a hairdresser.

According to her long time stylist, Jose Eber, she would often try out her techniques on her husband

"Elizabeth cutting Richard's hair... which people didn't know that she was so talented. One thing she would have liked to become was a hairstylist because she had that great talent about cutting hair.
"And she would cut Richard's hair all the time... she told me that. And she even would cut her own hair when I wasn't around... She was always very shy about it and always felt like she didn't do a great job, then would call me and to reassure her that she did a great."

Fact about Hair Bleach & Hot Tip

Did you know (although I am sure many of you do), that almost all (if not all) hair lighteners (bleach) eventually stop working?

Did you also know that the longer your lightener (bleach) is "in the bowl" and not processing on the hair, the weaker that lightener (bleach) is when it comes into contact with your hair?

Use less lightener (bleach) in the bowl and mix up as often as you need. This will ensure the consistency of lift and development of your hair color.

Did you know the same thing happens with hair color? The longer you allow the color to "sit in the bowl" the weaker your hair color becomes before contact with the hair.

Once again mix less color to begin with and just get more as needed.

For a rule of thumb I would mix up new lightener every 10 minutes and hair color every 15 minuets to ensure consistency and perfection to your work.

Another Fun Idea: Did you notice the way I used the term lightener instead of bleach? Try It! It is a great way to change the perceived value of what you are using.

We bleach our clothes right? Lets lighten our hair, not bleach it! It really gives a lot more quality to what we are doing and using. There is a great saying; change the word, change the meaning.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Are You Bored? Need Some Inspiration?

Check out this Haute! Look Book.

Abbey Lee Kershaw poses for Atelier Versace Spring 2011

This look book is a collection of thirty-two images, featuring all gowns.

And in the hair category it's all a platinum blonde blunt "bowl cut".

I love it! View More Here

British Women Going Gray

According to The Daily Mail, 32 percent of British women under the age of 30 are experiencing graying hair.

Check it out: [Daily Mail UK]

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hillary Duff Gets Bangs! With Safety Scissors?

Hillary Duff shared a taste of her new look today with her Twitter Followers.

There are two shots.

The first one is a shot of her getting the bangs:

Is it just me or are those Safety Scissors? I don't know it's hard to tell, but it sure does look that way, right?

And the second, showcasing the new look:

Katie Holmes Cheats In Her New Role On A Short Film

Nope it's not on Tom Cruise. It's on her Hairdresser.

Let me first start out with this post by saying I do not endorse any form of at home hair color. I am not just a blog poster, but I am a hairstylist. A hairstylist that works 60 hours a week doing what I love to do most; Hair. Not just cutting hair, but coloring hair. In fact the majority of what I do is color. The truth and most important thing to know is that hairstylists do not color from a box, everything is customized and the integrity of the hair is never compromised. It is impossible to receive professional results from a box, even if you were using a professional color line. Remember clients are not just paying for what we use, they are paying for our knowledge of how and when to use what we use.

Enough about me more about the post.....

John Frieda is jumping on the short film campaign that a lot of make-up companies have been channeling. Basically the way this works is there is a short film that consists of a "story" that is mainly focussed on what the company funding the short film is selling. In this case John Frieda Hair Color.... Yippy right? (not really)

“The Decision” is a vivid depiction of a universal experience with which nearly every woman can identify: Is cheating on your colourist really worth the risk?

Illuminating the anxiety and uncertainty behind at-home hair colour, “The Decision” tells the story of Joan Hudson (Katie Holmes), a high-profile actress who makes the choice to leave her colourist and colour her own hair.

Ultimately, Joan Hudson finds that John Frieda® Precision Foam Colour truly delivers salon precise coverage at home. With its full spectrum of 20 stylist-selected shades and foolproof foam texture, the unprecedented formula ensures effortless application and complete coverage for natural-looking, salon-quality results.

As an online exclusive, “The Decision” represents an innovative way to introduce the biggest launch in the history of the John Frieda® brand. A series of online teasers have led up to the debut of the short film, dropping clues as to the identity of the film’s star (Katie Holmes) and the contents of her bag (John Frieda® Precision Foam Colour)

So you might ask why am I posting something I really don't support? Well, because I think it is important to share all aspects of information about our industry.

For those of you who are stylists and reading this it is important for you to know what are the latest trends in at home hair color so you have the ability to give the benefits and features in comparison to what you use to what is available.

Either way I am sure I am going to watch this at some point. I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hair Growth Pills Causing Sexual Problems

Interesting Article about a Hair Growth pill leading to male sexual problems.

The hair-growth drug finasteride, commonly known as Propecia, can cause persistent sexual dysfunction well beyond when you stop the medication, according to the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

It is well known that finasteride can cause sexual problems, but it now seems that it may even be causing problems in sexual performance.

Lady Gaga Experiences Hair Breakage?

Lady Gaga has revealed her beauty secrets and confessed she is losing her hair.

The singer, who has become a style icon with her outrageous outfits, said she dyes her hair so much it falls out.

MY THOUGHTS: Probably like most of you I find this fascinating! How is it that a super star such as Lady Gaga is experience something like BREAKAGE!! Ironic maybe? I think the house of Gaga needs to find a new stylist?

Naturally brown the 24 year old is known for her trademark platinum blonde.

Sunday Fun Day? Here Is a FUN Hair Color Fact.

If your color is too "warm" and you are trying to Neutralize your color, you must use an equal proportion of the neutralizing color in order to create the perfect balance.

*For Example: Taking "orange" hair to a neutral/subtle warm brown you must use equal proportions of a "blue" to the proportions of "orange" found in the hair. In other words equal parts of orange and blue make neutral brown.

So you right now your probably thinking No S%*@? This is common sense right?

But there is more to this than you are probably thinking.

Look at it from this standpoint. If you had a 1 gallon bucket of Orange Paint and were trying to turn it neutral brown, you would need a 1 gallon bucket of Blue Paint to achieve your neutral brown result.

The same goes with hair color and that is the hard part. It is nearly impossible to know exactly how much Blue is needed in order to neutralize the Orange in the hair.

Meaning that if you attempted to neutralize an Orange blonde with an Ash Blonde with a Blue base and did not result in a balanced neutral blonde, but rather still warm blonde with a strong to sublet tone of orange.
However, there is a solution. There are two options:

1. Most hair color lines carry what are commonly known as Kickers. Kickers are additives to the color giving you the ability to increase tonal strength to your color. For instance when more concentration of blue is needed within the formula, you can use these additives/kickers of blue to increase the color strength of blue.
*Example Formula: 1 OZ of level 7AB (ash blue) + 1/2 OZ Blue Kicker

2. The lighter the level, the less concentration of pigment/tonal strength. What you can do is drop the level and increase the developer, thus giving you a stronger concentration of Blue pigment.
*Example: If your formula is a level 2 oz 7 AB with 20 volume and you know that you need more concentration of Blue pigment change your formula to: 2 oz 6 AB with 30 volume.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Interesting Article About Free Brow Arches


If you love Benefit's Brow Bar (or just like getting nice freebies on your birthday), here's an insider tip. Benefit has started giving away free brow arch services to birthday girls and boys. All you have to do is walk up to the Brow Bar in your nearest department store or Benefit boutique, show them a valid driver's license, passport, or other government-issued ID, and plonk down for your free brow arch. It's a nice way to get pampered on your big day without spending any cash.

I found this interesting and insightful to salon owners. This is a great idea that salons can use every day! Offer something like this to your clientele! Pump it up even further with an outreach for new clients by using your social media websites!

Brows are a fabulous way to open the doors for new clientele. It gives them a purpose to visit your space with out all the "pressure" of changing their DO. Any form of "salon phobia" won't keep these Birthday girls away!

Kate Middleton, Surveys & Oh Yeah Hair

Do you love surveys? I Do! So I posted one.
What do you think?

How should Middleton wear her hair for the royal wedding?

Pink's New Hair Cut

Yep she's got a new look and apparently not loving it. It seems that even hollywood can get a bad chop.

Pink was quoted saying this about her precious locks:
“The woman that did my hair butchered it,” she told followers Saturday. “I hate it.”

I guess the next question would be what do you think?

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Color Video Coming This Month!

We just finished shooting a new video on an exciting new color technique.

Details on the how to and of course the VIDEO to come later this month. We just have to slice it all up and post it to our YOUTUBE channel.

For now make sure to check out this teaser picture of what's to come!

The Turban

Here is an intresting article about the Turban making its way into the limelight once again.

Once linked to grannies in housecoats, the turban has a new association for young women. They have embraced the sophistication linked with Hollywood glamour of the 1920s and ’30s, when women like Garbo, Gloria Swanson and Joan Crawford wore them. “From way back, turbans signified a woman who was very educated and worldly,” said Caroline Rennolds Milbank, the fashion historian

Curious to know what you guys think of this fashion trend?

Stylist Choice Awards!!

Every Year host the Stylists Choice Awards, where they give stylists the ability to vote on what products they love!

Check out this years winners!:

Favorite Shampoo/Conditioner Duo
Pureology Hydrate

Favorite Permanent Wave
ISO Options

Favorite Straightening System
Keratin Complex Smoothing System by Coppola

Favorite Demi-Permanent Color Line
Redken Shades EQ

Favorite Professional Makeup Line
TIGI Bed Head Makeup

Favorite Fine/Thinning Haircare Product
Nioxin Scalp Therapy

Favorite Highlightening System
Goldwell Silk Lift

Favorite Issue of BTC On Paper
Tabatha Cover, Business, 2010

Favorite Multicultural Company

Favorite Product You Can't Live Without
Moroccanoil Oil Treatment

Favorite Hair Extensions Company
Great Lengths

Favorite Program/Contest
Matrix Mannequin Mania

Favorite Smoothing System
Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum

Favorite Small Company

Favorite Permanent Color Line
Wella Koleston Perfect

Favorite Celebrity Stylist
Tabatha Coffey

Favorite Flat Iron
Farouk Systems CHI Ceramic

Favorite Hairspray
Kenra Volume Spray 25

Favorite Show/Event
America’s Beauty Show

Favorite New Color Line
L'Oréal Professionnel INOA

Favorite Styling Product
Sebastian Whipped Crème

Favorite Dry Shampoo
TIGI Rockaholic Dirty Secret

Favorite Deep/Restorative Conditioner
Joico K-PAK Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor

Favorite Bleach Lightener
Wella Blondor

Favorite Salon Software
Harms Millennium

Favorite Prestige Company

Favorite Blow Dryer
Farouk Systems CHI Turbo

Favorite Educator or Platform Artist
Sam Villa

Favorite Overall Company
Wella Professionals

What Do You Think Of Zach's Mohawk?

For those of you who missed the SNL with Zach Galifianakis you might not know. He shaved his head into a mohawk. Kick Ass!.... right?

What do you guys think?!

Oh Yeah and Watch This!

Cool Series of Pictures!

I love posting pictures of inspiration and creativity.

Check out this editorial of Hailey Clauson!

[She] gets cooking for the spring edition of T Style by the New York Times. Photographed by Walter Pfeiffer, Hailey sports a wardrobe of the most colorful ensembles from the season featuring labels such as Stella McCartney, Yves Saint Laurent and Christopher Kane styled by David Vandewal.

Check out the entire editorial HERE

Saturday, March 12, 2011

What do you think of this hairstylists?

Katherine Heigl Cuts her hair and we want to know what you think?

Of course my thoughts!: I actually dig it! I just would like to see the back a bit shorter. I think it totally has a 90's vibe. I think if you clean the back a little shorter it will just be a little less "MOM". Opinions are fun aren't they?

Whats yours?

P.S. I love the color

Friday, March 11, 2011

Looking to grow your client base? Try This!

Hello all! I often get messages from many people asking for new and innovative ways to growing your clientele.

Here is a great idea!

Offer astronomically ridiculous specials that even your cheap skate best friend wouldn't turn down.

But here is the trick! Make it exclusive, impactfull and most importantly be very strategic about the way you work the process.

What do I mean by this? Well it's simple really....

Find a network of people in your local area. A network such as the bartenders at a popular bar or a waitstaff at a popular restaurant. Create your special, such as $35-$50 for a Color & Cut. Design a promotional flyer,card,etc. stating that this offer is exclusive to the particular place to which you are marketing this special (make sure to place a disclosure stating that this offer is only available to new guests).

The goal is that you will build a "flash" clientele (even if they only visit you once) in a localized social environment that will "wear your work" and will create open opportunities to refer more clients to your chair!

The key here is to make it exclusive and to target social environments!

Want to Win Free Stuff?


Also make sure to check out Toppik!

Before and After Toppik Photo Contest

Before and AfterContestants, send before and after pictures that show Toppik working its magic! Your photos will help customers with thinning hair make an informed decision and purchase wisely. Plus, you’ll win great prizes! And no, you don’t have to show your face in the photo.

Contest Details

Send a before and after photo along with your name, postal address and email address and After

Three winners will be chosen.

  • Grand prize winner will receive:
    • 1 50g bottle of Toppik (color of choice)
    • 1 Toppik FiberHold Spray
    • 1 Toppik Spray Applicator
    • 1 Toppek Hair Fattener 4 oz
    • 1 Toppik Hairline Optimizer (set of 2)
    • 1 Toppek Keratinized Hair Building Shampoo
    • 1 Toppek Keratinized Hair Building Conditioner
    (Retail value of $149.65)
  • Second place winner will receive:
    • 1 25g bottle of Toppik (color of choice)
    • 1 Toppik FiberHold Spray
    • 1 Toppik Spray Applicator
    • 1 Toppik Hairline Optimizer (set of 2)
    (Retail value of $77.80)
  • Third place winner will receive:
    • 1 10.3g bottle of Toppik (color of choice)
    • 1 Toppik FiberHold Spray
    • 1 Toppik Hairline Optimizer (set of 2)
    • 1 Toppek Hair Fattener 4 oz
    (Retail value of $49.80)

Before & After photos should be received by 12PM EST on Saturday, March 19th.

Winners will be notified by email by Tuesday, March 22.

Contest Rules

Submit One (1) entry per person.

Photographed persons must be at least 18 years old.

Photos must be submitted by e-mail by Saturday, March 19, 2011.

Include your name, address, & phone number.

Photos that have been manipulated, altered, touched up, or photoshopped will not be accepted.

All photos submitted will become the property of

Contest rules subject to change without notice.

All participants must agree to the following release form: Photo Release Form.