Thursday, September 29, 2011

Evan Rachel Wood's New Pixie Cut is the Pefect Hair Cut...

...According to her stylist, Marcus Francis, anyways.

"[It's] the perfect balance of masculine and feminine," he told "[A] combed out finger wave with a David Bowie twist."
Here is a great "how to" that Marcus Describes on how to get this perfect look:

"Prep damp hair with a volume spray blow drying with your hands to manipulate volume at the roots. In the back, direct the hair down; on the sides, use your fingers to direct the hair back - keeping a piecey texture," he explained.

With the hair slightly dry, lightly spritz with a tousled wave spray to "thicken the look and feel of the hair".
 To Create the waves:
 "With the end of a tail comb, make a deep side part starting at the arch of your eyebrow. Starting at the part, wrap small sections of hair using a 3/4 inch curling iron. Moving toward the other eyebrow, your next row of sections will alternate the direction of the curl. This emulates an imperfect version of a finger wave."
"Continue this alternating curl pattern until you've finished the top side section. At the crown of the head, wrap the hair as you did in the beginning, alternating about three rows down."
Marcus then explains with your fingers begin to break up the curls. Finish with a hairspray for great hold.
Love the look! Think it's a great how to as well and easy enough for you guys to take with you into the salon and share with your guests.

What do you think?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hairdresser opens UK's first salon dedicated to plus size women

This is a very cool and excellent Marketing ploy!

Trim Bashar Brown, 31, opened his business after learning overweight clients felt discriminated against in salons full of slim women. 

Bashar, from Rainham, Kent, spent £5,000 making sure his salon is fat friendly - complete with an extra-large seat, roomier gowns, and even wide-neck basins for washing hair.

For now he is running the Hair By Bashar out of his home, but plans to expand as he already has more than 50 clients after just a few months in business.  

Bashar said: 'I've been a hairdresser for years. Increasingly, larger women were telling me how they hate going to the salon because they are filled with slim, glamorous women.  

'For them, it feels the same as walking into a gym full of ultra-fit people. They feel like everyone is staring at them.  

'I just thought - 'this isn't right!' and decided to set up a salon where overweight people would feel comfortable.


And now Bashar hopes that he will one day get to style the hair of larger sized celebrities.
He said: 'I would love to do the hair of Dawn French or Claire from Steps. They've both got great hair - and the types of curves I cater to.'

Read More at the daily Mail!

There is a huge market for plus size women in the world of fashion, so why not hair!? This is a great concept that someone can take and run with for their salon. 

You may not necessarily need an entire salon dedicated to plus size women, however its a great idea to have a stylist who is a specialist!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Check Out The Hair From Michael Kors via Orlando Pita!!!

Amazing hair from Michael Kors! Orlando Pita does it again!!!

Sexy loose knots tied into a pony gave a perfect style to this amazing collection. I loved the intricacy and simplicity of this style!

Orlando Pita has a way of working with knots and making them work!

"The girls are on a trip through Africa and they have nothing to groom themselves with. So they take their shoelaces and tie up their hair in the back," said Pita. "It's a thick, matted, dusty braid." (One that happened to look so chunky and cool, we'd gladly forgo our own grooming products to recreate the look in our NYC apartments.) 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Worlds Largest Afro

The Guinness Book of World Records just announced the new worlds largest afro.

Aevin Dugas a 36 year-old social worker from New Orleans, USA, is the proud owner of the largest natural afro in the world with a circumference measuring an incredible 4 ft. 4 in (1.32 m).

The hairstyle that has taken over 12 years to grow can at times be problematic. 

"It's always getting caught in trees, and one time I even slammed my hair in the car door!  And I hate it when people touch it without asking my permission first!" , she admits.

 "As a woman you're told that straight hair is beautiful hair. This is crazy.  The afro is my natural hairstyle and there can't be anything more beautiful than that". 
Aevin trims her afro three times a year, and uses up to five conditioners at once when she washes it. 
"You want to know the best thing about my hair?" Aevin says with a smile: "It provides the perfect pillow. I sleep very well."The hair is larger than a disco ball! Aevin's hairstyle is so large she could fit the world's shortest man inside!

Fashion Week: How To Make Up

Sure this is a Hair Blog....

But we love make up!

Check out this great see and do make up spread from fashion week.

Bonus** It includes some really good DIY tips and tricks!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How To Hair Tutorail of Bella Swans Wedding Hair from "Twilight Breaking Dawn"

O.K Twilight fans! This movie is about to drop and you should get excited.

Here are a few great shots of how Bella Swan's hair will be worn on her wedding day.


Here is a great How To Video of Bella Swan's Wedding Hair from Twilight Breaking Dawn. This hair do is inspired by The Breaking Dawn Hair! Check it out!:

J. Crew - Check it Out

Here are some cool shots of the J. Crew Collection (w/ some thoughts).

I personally love J. Crew. It fits quite well into my personal style, but I think that's besides the point. 

What I think is so much fun about J. Crew is the way their clothes always seem to work, no matter the season. As their saying goes.. timeless looks that fit with the trends.

Marissa Webb was quoted saying "We don't want to be disposable fashion,"  I love it.

So I think when we look at this collection it really just falls right into line with who they are. Maybe it's not anything we haven't seen before, but its a blend of new colors and designs; and in the world of J. Crew it's an exciting new creation that is simple and chic!

The hair was cool and simple. Something that I thought was fun, was that they used a middle part for a lot of their girls wearing a pony. I think again, it falls into line with who they are. Perfect for that simple girl who has an amazing sense of fashion and style who is into pieces that are timeless. 

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The Many Uses For Hair Dryers... Besides Your Hair.

Here is a fun list Yahoo! Green put together filled with 15 (+1 Bonus) ways you can use a hair dryer,; besides using it on your hair.

Hope you enjoy!:

  1. If you need to quickly set the icing on a cake, the air and heat of a hair dryer can quicken up the process.
  2. If your cake won’t unstick from the cake pan, use your hair dryer on the bottom of the pan then invert it, it should drop right out.
  3. Running an ice cream scoop under hot water helps, but you can also try using a hair dryer on the carton to soften ice cream for easy scooping.
  4. Some people use pots of boiling water to quicken freezer defrosting, but a hot hair dryer works even more quickly. (Be careful of puddles of water and the dryer, though.)
  5. Automatic ice-makers can get jammed with frozen ice; relieve that with a long blast of hot air to melt unwanted icebergs.
  6. Remove contact paper from shelves by heating it with the hair dryer and gently working the edges up. Also works for bumper stickers and other rogue sticky things.
  7. Use a hair dryer to dust hard-to-dust items; the air will blow the dust somewhere else, but hopefully somewhere else that is easier to dust.
  8. Personally, I like my kids’ crayon marks on my walls, but for the rest of you: Heat the crayon marks until softened, then scrub with hot water and detergent.
  9. Old photo albums with magnetic pages can get stuck -- unstick them with a blast from the hair dryer.
  10. Spot-iron wrinkles by lightly dampening the area and then heating the wrinkles with your dryer.
  11. Wet boots, shoes, and sneakers can take on a terrible odor if left to dry slowly -- alleviate that by drying them with your hair dryer.
  12. Winter can bring frozen windows and locks -- thaw them with a hair dryer.
  13. Window screens collecting dust and pollen? Blow it back to whence it came.
  14. Removing bandages can hurt more than the wound, so soften the adhesive with a hair dryer first to ease the rip.
  15. If you have trouble keeping a hot compress hot, keep your hair dryer by you and reheat as necessary.
Bonus: For wrinkled ribbons and fabric belts, employ a curling iron to straighten them out. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Michelle Monaghan Joins the Fire Club.

Michelle Monaghan joins the redhead club. Monaghan showed off her fiery looks at the Toronto Film Festival on Monday.  According to some this cut and color seem to be quite the  resemblance to The Help star, Emma Stone..... I guess I see it.

Check out some more Red Hot Redheads

On Sunday night she was recognized at the Creative Coalition's 2011 Spotlight Initiative Awards for her work in the film, which is based on an inspirational true story of a drug dealer who transforms his life. 
"To be honored with a Spotlight Award means a lot to me, actually," Monaghan said. "I think it's important to recognize projects that take a risk, and this one isn't afraid to confront the audience with some tough material."

    Wet Hair Is Chic? We are dying to know what you think!?

    Did you see Alexander Wang?

    Maybe you missed it because you were blow drying your hair? Well according to Guido, lead hair at Alexander Wang, wet hair represents a fashion statement and it is chic. Next time skip the blow out and enjoy the show.

    "This is a very natural look that a girl could very easily achieve herself. It’s got that ‘just out of the shower’ feel to it, and I think it’s very chic to have a wet hair look when fully dressed in amazing clothes, like Alexander Wang. The very trendy, fabulous clothes in this collection paired with the effortless hair makes for a very cool finished look.”–Guido, Redken Creative Consultant
    I mean I guess when you think about it.... that super busy office woman whose life is go go go and is needing that wash n go hair; apparently all you need is a great outfit!

    Wait wait wait..... you need a great outfit and a perfect cut!! :)

    We are dying to know what do you think?

    Strong Architecture Based Shapes Brought Derek Lam's Sportswear Collection Together.

    In conjunction to using a wide variety of textiles, Derek Lam was able to capture a modern architecture based feel to his sportswear collection.

    Lam said in his notes that the little fantasy that shapes the look begins at a beautiful mid-century home in Palm Springs, Calif., specifically the Kaufman house designed by Richard Neutra. The clean, modern interiors coupled with the desert landscape is his “place of salubrious comfort.”

    Everything felt very androgynous. This collection is without a doubt an ideal fitting and design for a confident woman. A woman who doesn't mind hiding her "comfort features" and using her face to expose her beauty.

    The hair was a fabulous addition to this collection. In keeping the theme of over exposing the woman's face, it was a perfect design by pulling it all back and using a side part to tie off the androgynous feel.

    I was also drawn to this collection for the versatility of it's inspiration. Some pieces took us back to the strength of the 60's while other pieces, due to the textile, gave a loosens  of the 70's.

    Saturday, September 10, 2011

    How Important Are The Details?

    This was a great question that was asked and discussed in this article. It was a pleasure to read this.

    A look from spring 2012 Narciso Rogriguez collection.Cathy Horyn/The New York TimesA look from spring 2012 Narciso Rogriguez collection.
    Maybe a year ago — or was it longer? — Prabal Gurung answered Demi Moore’s Twitter post with his own. Until then, Mr. Gurung, an up-and-coming designer who started his company two years ago, had been on the Twitter fence. He really didn’t know what it was and, as he said, “it seemed too much about yourself.” But after replying to Ms. Moore, he quickly got 500 followers. Today he has 32,604 followers, and as he calculated the payoff from the social media network, says, “It’s a business.” It has helped him build his brand.
    I had come down to Mr. Gurung’s small studio on West 38th Street to preview his spring collection, something I love doing but seem to have less and less time for, perhaps because I’m tweeting. I’m awfully busy, but so was Mother Hubbard.
    After Mr. Gurung showed me a few things, including a custom flower print he created with a printmaker in England, I dropped by Joseph Altuzarra’s showroom on West 40th Street. Over the years, I’ve learned not to draw any conclusions about a collection from mood boards or snapshots of individual looks. The clothes appear horribly flat, the models like sentries of a cult. Instead you have to look at the actual garments, and then wait to see how the designer and stylist put everything together on the runway.
    Mr. Altuzarra showed me a dress and a padded jacket that had elements of perforated leather. It was obvious that he had really thought about how to integrate components from last season (parkas, for instance) into a spring wardrobe. Yet at the same time, when I saw the subtle effects of the leather in a jersey dress, I wondered how many people on Saturday night — when Mr. Altuzarra shows his collection — will notice the details or be able to identify the fabric as the models zoom past and iPhones click away. Mr. Gurung was particularly proud of a silk print jacket in his collection; he knew how hard it was to make the complicated pattern match at the seams (the D’Angelo factory in New York made the jacket). But, again, how many people will notice how perfectly the pattern lines up?
    This has always been a problem — stuff flies past and you miss the details. Also, the roles of designers have been expanding for decades, well beyond the actual making of clothes. They’re celebrities, entrepreneurs. Indeed, the public has no trouble accepting that many designers are not designers at all.
    But on Thursday, when I arrived at Lincoln Center and saw rows of writers tapping away at their stations, I sensed a paradox of the modern runway. Despite the amount of information flowing, we may actually know less about the real work — the making of clothes. Similarly, news reports enter a kind of vacuum. If I hadn’t asked several people for a reaction to the conviction of John Galliano on anti-Semitism charges in Paris, I doubt I would have heard a peep all day. Generally, these people thought the ruling was correct, and that Mr. Galliano could repair his career. “I will bet that he will make a comeback,” Howard Socol, the former Barneys chief and now a consultant, said before the Richard Chai show. “This happens in sports and politics all the time.”
    I’m quite sure that Narciso Rodriguez doesn’t qualify as an avant-garde designer, but during a visit to his studio later in the day, I certainly wondered if a skillful eye and hand might be radical. He had created a group of cardigan jackets in linen with built-out shoulders and wand sleeves and almost no lapels. He had supplied a small but intelligent solution to contemporary tailoring. But you’ll have to see for yourself next week, when he shows.

    I think as a society, especially in the world of fashion, we tend to loose sight of the inspiration and details that go in to the creation. It's almost as if we just accept the fact that it's there. We forget that someone spent countless hours putting in the elbow grease; not to mention the courage it takes to place yourself in such a vulnerable situation.

    It was also interesting how the author pointed out that as information and technology has influenced the industry, it's evolved the designer.  "Indeed, the public has no trouble accepting that many designers are not designers at all." I am actually OK with this idea. 

    To Relate it to hair....
    I think as stylists, especially salon owners, the evolution of our industry has forced us to evolve. If your a salon owner, your hardly an artist/designer. You often have to take that hat off and put your entrepreneurship hat on. As a salon owner it takes business, leadership and artistic skills to run a successful business. The hair is not enough.

    I loved the correlation of this article to our industry!

    Thursday, September 8, 2011

    Day 1 Fashion Week Recap!

    Check out this great photo recap of a look into all the major shows from opening day at NY Fashion Week!

    One reoccurring theme was that the clothes showcased a lot of geometric shapes. A lot of strength with color also tied it all together.

    I loved what I saw and am very eager to see how the geometric shapes influence the hair world. Not sure if you saw the hairstylist of the year this year at NAHA, but it was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the combination of these collections.

    Well with out further ado.... wait wait, We want to hear what you have to say! :) ok now check it out............


    Cushnie et Ochs

    Nicholas K

    Richard Chai


    Tadashi Shoji

    Backstage @ BCBG via NyTimes

    Check out this great video and article that takes you backstage at BCBG.

    What do you think of what you see? From the authors taste it didn't blow them away but I have to agree, with the bright colors and the wow factor of the show, the hair was perfect.

    The hair was slicked back and echoed the wet hair looks from past seasons, including the spring 2011 shows from Joseph AltuzarraErin Fetherson andRichard Chai Love. I lost count of how many tubes of gel the hairstylists went through for each model’s head.
    When I saw the collection, I saw how a plain face and pulled-back hair fell into place. With a show full of bright colors like coral, cobalt and lime, anything more elaborate could have taken away from the garments.

    Read on.... 

    Babies are the new trend! Didn't you know?

    Well this seems to be quite a buzz all over the internet!

    Apparently babies need to know "whats in" this season at fashion week. At least that's what Victoria Beckham thinks.

    The mother-daughter pair were spotted and participated in the social life of Thursday's Fashion Week kickoff. On Tuesday, Victoria tweeted, "Mummy and baby Harper are very excited for fashion week!"