Sunday, August 14, 2011

Art Is Everywhere. Inspiration Is Included. Lets Create.

Here are some great shots of some of the best street art in the world. 

I wanted to pull some that really created an illusion with the characters hair. It's amazing how much hair is an accessory and how important it is in the creation of something. I am always intrigued and inspired by what an artist does with hair. 

I am an avid reader of comics, even more so as a kid. I have always been titillated to the aesthetic design of the characters hair and the ability to portray the intensity and strength of the characters.

These artists did that and more. Enjoy:

I am sure you want more? We got you COVERED


  1. Great post...this is what happens when hair and art kiss.

    Hair is such an accessory-that is why women pay so much for it. We wish more hairstylist's would truly understand how important their talent in hairdressing is.

    They are artist in their own right.

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