Monday, January 2, 2012

New Website Coming Very Soon!! (January 15th)

First of all we apologize for the lack of content over these last few weeks as we have mostly been putting together a new format for the site and! working on some new how to videos for some great hair cutting techniques (especially for beginners and intermediate levels!).

But, we have been working hard... well mostly our good friend over at has been working hard. Please take the time to visit her site!

Our new site will be similar but easier to follow and much more fun to read.... and there will be a few more bells and whistles added to it.

We are switching to a much easier and more useful way to follow our blog. We will be showcasing a lot more stylists from around the country. My personal favorite, we will have an ask the expert section; where your questions will be answered by some of the expert contributors to THSB! Tons more videos! Tons more categories and so so soooo much more!

So in the meantime bare with us as our content will be very slim for the next two weeks. 
The new site is launching on JANUARY 15th!

We look forwarding to keeping up with you then!!