Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Night Color Formula!

For those of you who follow my Blog, you know I use Redken. However I am always willing to translate my color formulas as Universal as possible. Anyways..... I wanted to share a Kick Ass formula I just had the chance of doing tonight.

If you are looking to take your highlighted Golden Blond to the perfect Strawberry Blonde with a subtle Golden hint, (think Amy Adams) here is the perfect formula!

Whether or not you are looking to change the highlights or the entire color, this formula will TAKE YOU THERE!!

Glaze (Semi/Demi) Based Hair Color
- 1 oz 9 level Red Brown (redken - 9RB)
- 1/2 oz 8 level Warmest Gold - Orange/Yellow w/ a Brown Background (redken 8 WG)

Process for the full time as directed by the manufacturer.


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