Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stylists Are You Looking For Ways To Expand Your Clientele? Clients Are You Looking For New Inspiration Or A New Stylist? StyleSeat Is For You!!

Discover the power of a salon software program and the simplicity of a social networking site in one easy to use location.

Start growing your business today. With StyleSeat

We recently had a chat with StyleSeat creator to learn more about how amazing this site is. We not only learned that StyleSeat is so much more than just a Social Networking site, but it was created with the customer in mind and an amazing platform for stylists to offer to help the customers find them! Personally I think this is an amazing idea and a fabulous tool for both clients and stylists. Please take the time to check it out -

THB: Why was StyleSeat Created?
A. We want to empower stylists and salon owners to get more clients and grow their business. People are using social networks more than ever to make decisions about where to go or to recommend things to their friends, but there hasn't been an easy way for beauty professionals to benefit from the web. Styleseat is a free place for professionals to create a web site, upload photos, build word of mouth and even offer online booking and run their business. We take all of the best parts of social networks but make it really easy so you don't have to spend time or feel overwhelmed.

THB: How did you come of with the concept for your site?

A. l had a busy job and wanted to get my hair cut but didn't have time to ask my friends where to go and then call around. I was frustrated that as a client I didn't have an easy way to find and book an appointment. When I looked into it I realized that stylists and salons aren't empowered either and it just seemed like an exciting opportunity.

THB: Would you consider your site a social networking site?

A. I would like to say that we are half social network, half business tools. Setting up a web site is as easy as a social network. Stylists and clients can share their page, specials or photos across Facebook and Twitter; we're also a place where stylists can connect to each other, see the latest trends and get inspired by each other's work. On the other hand we offer free online booking and scheduling, tools to manage clients, send marketing emails and a mobile app to do it all from your phone- so you really get the best of both worlds.

THB: What are the major benefits to a stylist when using your site?

A. We provide really easy to use tools to manage their entire business. Professionals can build a web page, post photos and use social media to build word of mouth. They can set business goals, track revenue and record metrics. They can also create client loyalty programs and promotions. Easily control schedules and bookings online or via mobile phone, and set up automatic client reminders, client messaging and task management.

THB: What are the major benefits to a client when using your site?

A. Clients want to find the best stylist for what they're looking for. It might be someone that specializes in a certain hair texture or service. Some want a place in their neighborhood or a particular price range. With StyleSeat they can search based on what they're looking for, browse photos from stylists in their area, and see where their friends go. It's a way for them to find that stylist that is best for them so they're more likely to keep coming back.

THB: What makes your site different?

A. No one is doing what we're doing. We don't just provide free online scheduling, we're a one stop shop to run your entire business, and we make your clients' lives easier too.

THB: How would I go about getting set up on StyleSeat?

A. 1.) Go to and sign up 2.) Set up your page, upload photos and info 3.) Tell your clients!

THB: How much does it cost to join StyleSeat?

A. We're the only free service for both professionals and clients. By signing up you can design your own Web page, access our mobile app, upload photos, share across social networks, access our education center, see client metrics, set revenue goals and access marketing tools. We also have a premium package which starts at $25/month and gives you access to even more features like unlimited email marketing, client text message and email reminders and a few other features to grow your business more quickly.

THB: How does the online booking portion of your site work?

A. Online booking is totally optional, but a really great service for clients. It takes about a minute to enter your hours, services and answer a few questions, and when you're done clients can book right from your page! I like really simple things, so we worked hard to make it as easy as possible.

THB: So what's your story? Are you a stylist?

A. I'm not a stylist, but I'm passionate about the industry. I've been every color and style under the sun and love when I find a stylist who can create a fresh look and make me feel great. There are so many talented people out there that don't have really basic info about their business or tools to grow it. I wanted to create something that does all the work for them so they can spend time doing what they love and creating amazing hair.

What can customers/clients expect from Styleseat?
  1. Find Stylists - Find the perfect professional for your next appointment. Search based on service, location, recommendations, and more.

  2. Book Online - Book appointments, reschedule easily, and track your appointment history.

  3. Get Inspired - Not sure what service you want next? Browse photos and professionals to discover trends and ideas.

  4. Access Perks - Learn about top deals in your area, find last minute appointments, and more.

What can stylists expect from Styleseat?

  1. Create a Website - Showcase your work or business with style. Manage your Facebook, Yelp, and other websites in one simple place.

  2. Book Online - Set up online booking for free. Including automatic updates.

  3. Attract More Clients - Build word-of-mouth with social media tools. Post deals & promotions.

  4. Connect With Clients - Store client information and history, along with notes & photos.

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