Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Want To Win A Free Stylist Apron From SophiaGrace??

Of Course You Do!!! 

SophiaGrace  Aprons are a great way to Add some glamour and fun to your world, Sophia Grace Aprons make a wonderful addition to your stylist wardrobe! Get your Vintage Apron from Sophia Grace Aprons and customize it to suit your specific design tastes and cover up needs when you choose from 5 ultra adorable patterns. Hair stylists can wear Sophia Grace’s designs thanks to the laminate covering (available in different options).

So how do you win this Apron!? Well it's simple really. All you have to do is give us your soul!

No Not Really! It's a quick 4 steps!

1. Decide What Pattern You Love!


2. log in to your Facebook. 

3. go HERE and Like SophiaGrace on Facebook

4. go on to The Hairstylist Blog Facebook Page HERE and tell us which design you want to win stating the following:
"Hairstylist Blog I want to win the _________ apron from SophiaGrace!" - When you do this you are automatically entered in the contest to win!!!

Contest ends July 1st! So Hurray!!!!

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