Saturday, February 20, 2010

3 Bob Do's & Dont's

At the salon often times there are many principles I live by with each of my hair cuts, wither it's a version of a bob or a long layered hair cut. By following these principles it allows me to really take that cut or style to another level and really help to create a better personalized cut. So next time you are going to the salon and getting a bob haircut or a version of the bob, take some of these tips into consideration. Especially for those of you who are doing the cutting!

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Bob Do's:
1. Always have softness to the weight point of your bob (the point where the hair becomes one length from the point to which it is stacked). A great way to create this look is to add texture to the ends of your hair by using your texture or thinning shears. The softness makes your eyes move more to the over all shape and less to a blunt line that is often created from this hair cut.
2. Blow dry your bob with a flat brush (square or rectangle brush, sometimes known as paddle or vent brush). Brush the hair in the opposite ways of which it falls when blow drying. This helps to give you a more natural looking bob.
3. Try some form of asymmetry for most all symmetrical facial shapes. A great way to do this is with side bangs or a side part and allowing one side of your bob to lay a bit heavier than the other side. Asymmetrical does not mean that your hair cut has to be longer on one side than the other, it just means it needs a point to which one side is different than the other. Make sure to check out the last blog posting to learn more about side bangs.

Bob Dont's:
1. Do not have a true layer to your bob cut. Instead try a textured (random peicey hair) layer. You can create this by over-directing (pull all the hair to one location) the hair to the top of the crown (top point of head) and use a texturizing cutting technique to break the hair up.
2. More often than not I never leave the front corners of a bob to blunt (A very hard edge). Instead create a softness around the face. Even on a blunt bob it can be very harsh around the face and can often make the cut seem helmet like. Instead create a more softer look by slightly rounding or texturizing the front corners of your bob style.
3. When having highlights on your bob style, never highlight underneath the point to which your brow arches (but make sure not to exclude the hair around your face). This will help to keep your color more natural looking and especially keep your color from looking spotty.

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  1. Great tip about not hiliting below the arch of the brow!!