Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is Your Hair Broken, Fragile or Distressed?

Hello everyone! I was at the salon today and repaired a clients distressed hair; and for the first time I used Redken's CAT Conditioning Treatment. I am in LOVE! If your hair is broken, fragile, distressed or snapping, this is the product for you.

It's a quick treatment that takes no longer than 5 minutes. However, you can repeat the treatment up to 3 times to increase the strength to the hair.

I will do a product review video for this product soon and give you guys a great explanation of when and how to properly use it. BUT! If your hair needs help now. Redken has a great database that includes all of it's salon's (Including my salon in the Palm Beaches: Salon Essencia) so you can find the one that is closest to you. Click here to find your Redken Salon and have a salon professional get your hair back in shape!


  1. i know this is totally off topic but i am looking for the best salon hair dye- not the ones that you can get at any drugstore... right now i use wella but i have also heard of framesi.. is there a difference? we want something that will make a great shine and work on difficult types of hair. We use these on wigs. thanks!

  2. Donna, As far as i remember, wella is a liquid based haircolor. Framesi is a cremebase so your ultimately get better coverage on the hair.Also Framesi is an extensive line. every shade includes every level for perfect custom mixing. I love framesi color! i also have had good luck with the koleston line, but as far as being completely custom coloring, framesi takes the cake:)