Friday, February 19, 2010

Can I Have Bangs?

So I get this a lot in the salon. Can I have bangs? The answer probably is yes! Most people look fabulous with a fringe (Bang), its just finding the right bang for your facial shape.

If you are looking for a full bang, it's important to realize that this will create symmetry to your facial shape, especially through the top portion of your face. So if you need asymmetry to your facial shape try a side bang or a swoop bang.

When creating a swoop or side bang, make sure that you are parting the hair further enough to one side to give your hair the right length to swoop over, a middle part or a part very close to the middle will not work. A great reference point for creating that perfect side or swoop bang is to part your hair at the point to which your brow arches.

Now Style Those Bangs!

Full Bangs
Blow the hair dry one way for 30 seconds the other way for 30 seconds and then straight down until they are completely dry; this will keep the hair from parting and give you more control.

Side Swept Bangs
Blow dry the hair the opposite way to which they fall and roll them under with a round brush.


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