Thursday, November 18, 2010

If 90's Are In I Guess This Makes Me Old?

So a lot of what I am seeing in fashion these days are 90's inspired garments and the runways are complementing these looks with the hair. This had me wondering what aspect of this is going to translate into a commercialized hair fashion??

There are a lot of thoughts that I have but I would love to hear from you!?

What do you think? Have any iconic 90's celebrities, characters, etc. that you can think of that will bring an inspiration to today?
Boys to men? Nirvana? Maybe some Blossom? Hmmmm... Maybe not.

Ironically enough I write this a post at a time when I am getting ready to go to a 90's themed party this weekend :)

Either way I love the way this could go and I love what I saw at fashion week.

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