Tuesday, November 23, 2010

American Music Awards 2010 Hair Trends

For those of you who missed the American Music Awards this year here is a quick recap of everything hair!

Well the first and most obvious trend would be that many played it down. A lot of loose textured waves, with a very low maintenance feel. Check it out:

Jessica Alba was one of the few that brought a classic elegance to the party. Maybe it's the whole movie star thing? Either way I love the idea of her hair, I am not crazy about it on her:

Jenny McCarthy and Taylor Swift really showed something unique to their normal styles and I loved it! Especially Taylor Swift, she looks amazing and her hair color is flawless!:

Last but certainly not least: is that Kelly Osbourne or Dolly Parton? Well some how I kind of like this style. I think I like the idea more than I like her wearing this style. The truth is Dolly Parton is amazing and bringing any trend with the inspiration of Dolly kinda makes me smile:

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