Friday, November 19, 2010

Product Review!: Tri-Swim

This is an exciting section of this blog that I have been really anticipating and anxious to launch!

We have been contacted by many different hair care, hair appliance, etc. companies that have reached out to us in hopes of spreading the word about their products. I will only write about something that we have the chance to use and breakdown.

Once again in many ways this is a non-profit blog and we are writing to our readers with nothing but the most honest and truthful opinions and ideas.

So I am happy to bring you the very first of many! Product Reviews. This week we are going to introduce you to specialty based line that we find interesting. We hope you enjoy!

With out further ado we give you: Tri-Swim

What is Tri-Swim?

Tri-Swim is a Hair Care company with the swimmer in mind. Swimmers are constantly facing the problems of chlorine on a daily manner. Tri-Swim has dedicated an entire line to helping the prevention of chlorine in the hair and on the body! As we all know Chlorine can and will affect the hairs strength, color and shine.

In many ways Tri-Swim is the ideal cleansing and replenishing system for Swimmers.

How it Works?

Well, it seems Tri-Swim was named this for a reason. Tri-Swim is a 3 part system.

Shampoo - which is designed to cleanse and remove all of the excess dirt oils chlorine and build up of any sort that is kept inside of the hair.

Conditioner - this is designed to replenish the hair with moisture. Similar to the concept of washing your face, the shampoo (or "face wash") will remove everything that is not wanted in the hair shaft, then the conditioner will add everything you do want.

Body Wash - like your hair, your skin will create a build up of chlorine, dirt and oil. The body wash is designed to counter act the pool's affect on the skin and remove any of this build up.

Well now to the nitty gritty! Our thoughts:

Here is the deal. After using the product for quite a few days I enjoyed it for what it was. In many ways it is a glorified clarifying system. However, I think it is a great marketing tactic and a great niche to market to.

It really stood out to me with the fact that they had a body wash. In fact I have been using the wash more often when showering since receiving my bottle. It doesn't seem to over cleanse my skin which I like, but I will say that it does seem to cleanse enough to remove the chlorine, dirt, oil, etc.

The Bottles were easy to use. The logos and design were kind of flat in my opinion.

The smell wasn't fabulous in my opinion but it was not bad.

All in all the product backed up with what it was designed to do and I think it's a cool concept.

Final Grade: B


  1. Very interesting. I think you're right about how this is a great niche market. I wonder how well the product will do. I don't have any clients at the moment who are avid swimmers, but I think there's definite appeal. Good review!

  2. Indeed, swimming may be a great hobby and sport but can leave swimmers' hair quite damaged.