Monday, April 19, 2010

Christina Aguilera - Bionic - Album

Have you seen this album cover? Its pretty bad awesome! Look out Lady Gaga Christina Aguilera is coming out swinging.

I am calling it right now, Christina is going to be big with this record and inspire a lot of hair and fashion trends from this.

Just from the cover alone it screams! the 80's of today. She is making a fashion statement full force with this look on the cover and fighting for the throne of the modern day Madonna.

Her hair is awesome! Perfect in this cover and I really can't wait to see what wonderful things come from this record.

Also she will have a show on VH1 that breaks through the trash of "reality " and gives us a little bit of reality with a "behind the music" based show.

Not always a fan - But I am in love with this.

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  1. Have you seen her video for "Not Myself Tonight"? She's got some fantastic hairstyles throughout the video!