Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fact about Hair Bleach & Hot Tip

Did you know (although I am sure many of you do), that almost all (if not all) hair lighteners (bleach) eventually stop working?

Did you also know that the longer your lightener (bleach) is "in the bowl" and not processing on the hair, the weaker that lightener (bleach) is when it comes into contact with your hair?

Use less lightener (bleach) in the bowl and mix up as often as you need. This will ensure the consistency of lift and development of your hair color.

Did you know the same thing happens with hair color? The longer you allow the color to "sit in the bowl" the weaker your hair color becomes before contact with the hair.

Once again mix less color to begin with and just get more as needed.

For a rule of thumb I would mix up new lightener every 10 minutes and hair color every 15 minuets to ensure consistency and perfection to your work.

Another Fun Idea: Did you notice the way I used the term lightener instead of bleach? Try It! It is a great way to change the perceived value of what you are using.

We bleach our clothes right? Lets lighten our hair, not bleach it! It really gives a lot more quality to what we are doing and using. There is a great saying; change the word, change the meaning.

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