Friday, March 11, 2011

Looking to grow your client base? Try This!

Hello all! I often get messages from many people asking for new and innovative ways to growing your clientele.

Here is a great idea!

Offer astronomically ridiculous specials that even your cheap skate best friend wouldn't turn down.

But here is the trick! Make it exclusive, impactfull and most importantly be very strategic about the way you work the process.

What do I mean by this? Well it's simple really....

Find a network of people in your local area. A network such as the bartenders at a popular bar or a waitstaff at a popular restaurant. Create your special, such as $35-$50 for a Color & Cut. Design a promotional flyer,card,etc. stating that this offer is exclusive to the particular place to which you are marketing this special (make sure to place a disclosure stating that this offer is only available to new guests).

The goal is that you will build a "flash" clientele (even if they only visit you once) in a localized social environment that will "wear your work" and will create open opportunities to refer more clients to your chair!

The key here is to make it exclusive and to target social environments!

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