Sunday, March 14, 2010

Having trouble covering gray hair?

This one is for the stylist's! So at the salon the other day we had a client in whose hair had a little challenge covering the gray with her formulation. The areas that gave us the biggest challenge were around the face by the ears.

For those of you who have had these challenges we have some solutions. Here are some great tips and tricks that have worked for us in the past and some that I have learned from fellow stylists for those problem areas, especially around the face!

Often times the hair around the face and ears will get filled with salt, due to the amount of sweat a person has perspired. Salt in our sweat will cause the hair to become very dry and resistant to color. Also product, minerals and chlorine will have a major affect on our color results. The best solution if this happens is to detoxify the hair prior to coloring. My recommendation would be to use Pureologys clarifying and detoxifying shampoo: Purify, prior to coloring. If you feel that there is an excess amount of build up of product, minerals, chlorine or salt in the hair use shampoo and leave on for up to 20 min capped under neath a dryer. Follow by applying your color to your manufactures instructions.

Here are some other great tips to try if clarifying the hair does not work.

1. Prior to coloring the hair apply a small amount of the hair color pigment only (not using any peroxide) to the challenging area and after apply color throughout entire head (including the challenging spots) in normal fashion.

2. After applying color to challenging areas, cover areas with foil.

3. Pre-soften the hair by applying a small amount of 20 volume peroxide to a piece of cotton and rub the challenging areas with the peroxide.

If any of you happen to have other tips and tricks we would love to hear them. Please comment or write us at:


  1. Do you only detoxify or condition as well prior to the color application?

  2. Have you heard of a product called "Gray Magic" by Ardell? It's a color additive that works in conjunction with any color line. You just add a few drops (up to 10) into your formula. It's so inexpensive, it's worth a try. If anyone tries it, please let me know what you think!


  3. Ideally you will not have to condition after detoxifying. When detoxifying the hair you will raise the PH level of the hair as well as when you color the hair. By conditioning the hair prior to a color service you will be changing to PH unnecessarily and cause the cuticle layer to swell and seal and swell. So prior to coloring only use your detoxifying shampoo.

    In an ideal situation always use a conditioning based treatment on the hair post hair color.