Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hairstylists: Get more clients in your chair and make them happy!

One of the best and greatest tips I can give a fellow stylist looking to grow their clientele is to create a referral program for their existing clients. Now I am sure a lot of your already know this or heard this 10000 times, but are you doing it? Are you making sure that every guest that visits you, is putting your name in their mouth?

Well here are 3 great tips to make sure that happens and every guest is helping you grow and feeling happy to do it with out any effort.

1. Use referral cards, this is not a business card, however you can use your business card if necessary. The key is to design a card that rewards your guests for referring their family and friends. For example at my salon we have created a $15 dollar referral card, so for every guest that my current guest refers they both get $15 dollars towards any service. Here is an example of the card we created for our skin care department.

2. Explain to your guest's how and when to use the refer cards. In essence explain to them how to refer guests to you with these cards, so they know exactly how, when and why they have these referral cards. This way the cards are with them all the time and they know that by having them, its like cash in their pockets. It even helps to explain to them that the value of this card is actually $30 and you get to share that with someone special to them.

3. This is very important. Make sure your guest's hair is looking great outside of the salon, not just when you style it. ALWAYS recommend the proper products to your guests so they know how to replicate their style at home. Also make sure your giving them the proper styling tools and techniques to use to achieve the look they want. Product is such a must! So make sure they have the essentials and then teach them the skills.

Later on down the line I will be sharing more great! techniques on how to build and grow your business behind the chair!

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Leave comments and suggestions or other great ideas you might have on growing your business and for those of you non professionals taking the time to read this, we would LOVE to hear your ideas as well. ALWAYS.


  1. I have only been in the business for about 2 years. I haven't done bad on getting clients but I can't wait until I'm booked all the time. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for bringing in new clients to the salon I work at. I also live in a little town with lots of hair salon. Suggestions would be great.

  2. Great post, so many hairstylist don't know how to balance their passion for doing hair and the business of running a salon.

    It is so important to market, market and market your talent.

  3. I have just moved ti a new city and no clients. We're can I get these cards?and do you have anymore suggestion to help me get them in the salon