Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shear Genius Season 3: Goodbye April, my thoughts on the episode and an exclusive interview with April Barton

So I just watched the new Shear Genius Episode tonight on my TiVo. I have to say I am extremely disappointed with the show. I feel that the challenges are weak, the judges are awful and only give negative remarks and the show, like the last 3 years, is striving so hard to be like project runway.

I would love to see them give the stylist's more time. The only person who's opinion I value is Orlando Pita, the mentor "Tim Gun" and I have to say even he falls a little short on this show. He really gives a lot of negative feedback and not a lot of positive reinforcement like Mr. Gun often does.

Well I am going to continue to critique the show week by week for the last couple of episodes and give my thoughts. I felt the right stylist (April) went home tonight. She has far too large of an ego, a bit of an extreme attitude and her work was sub par. Her styles tonight were plane and her heart shape hair cut was a joke. Watching her cut hair was insulting and showy. As a hairstylist I really don't value stylist's who make it all about them, clearly she does. Good Riddance to her and let the show continue.

April recently did an interview on her time on Shear Genius. After reading her interview I will say this, she has integrity, although I particularly do not value her as a stylist, she is true to her self and I very much value that. check it out:
Shear Genius Season 3: Exclusive Interview with April Barton

This weeks winner: Matthew

The Hairstylist Blog's winner: Matthew, the right man one.

Check out all of the looks from this weeks episode:

Here are the critiques on the rest of the contestants.

: Not quite polished enough for me.
Janine: She did O.K but once again to me not polished. Her first look was too plain and not enough volume for the tv/movie world and her second look was just not polished for me.
Brian: Terrible and needs to go
Brig: Her first look was great! Her second look was far to sloppy and not balanced. If she would have done well on the second look she would have won with out a doubt.
April: The right choice was made here. Her look really had no taste and both challenges were lacking.

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