Monday, March 1, 2010

New Hair Cutting Video - How to cut Long Disconnected Layers Step by Step

In this video - The hairstylist blog will teach you how to cut a long layered hair cut with a disconnected layer and framing around the face. It will have a very similar look to Jennifer Aniston hair (hair cut) with a little bit of a twist! You will learn step by step instructions on how to cut this hair cut. You will also learn really great texturizing techniques. This is an advanced training video, not a basic hair cut. Notice the before and afters of the look for the transformation of this look. If you like the color you see, watch Katie's color, Highlighting around the face with dimensional coloring.  

Basically this cut is broken down into 7 easy steps with an optianl 8th step.
Hope you enjoy!!

Step 1
Isolate the top portion of the hair from temple to temple, creating a horse shoe partinging.
Take a 1 inch center section in the center back and cut blunt with a concave layer technique.
Move going center right over directing everything to the center.
Move going center left over directing everything to the center.

Step 2
Isolate the bottom (The hair that was just cut).
Take a 1 inch Mohawk section from front to back of crown.
Establish your disconnected layer ** Note your disconnected layer should be longer than your layer that was previous cut underneath.
Follow through the Mohawk section at a 45 degree angle cutting blunt from short to long.

Step 3
With the top section still isolated - Divide the hair from left to right with a center parting.
Starting on the right side Take diagonal pie shaped sections going from front to back.
Follow your guide staying at a 45 degree angle cutting the hair blunt from short to long.
Repeat on opposite side.

Step 4
Dry hair smooth and straight with minimal volume.

Step 5
Establish length by using a point cutting technique to create separation and texture on the ends.
*Optional to create a more angled back length by visually cutting the hair shorter on the sides and gradually getting longer towards the middle.

Step 6
Isolate the bottom hair from temple to temple leaving a small section in the center back out as a guide
Over direct hair up and over to the 45 degree angle to which it was cut and blend disconnection with texture by finding the disconnection on the bottom and point cutting on the top of each section.

Step 7 (*Optional - This will create more texture and separation around the face)
Take a triangle pie shape section in the front of the hair from which the point that the head slopes down to the forehead (view on the video to get a reference point).
Comb hair to a 45 degree angle and pinch or squeeze hair to have it fan out.
Deep point cut the hair for seperation.

Step 8
Visually slice cut the hair throughout the top layer to create separation and texture throughout the top disconnected layer.


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