Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Hair Cutting Video!: How to do a bob hair cut step by step

Hello everyone we have a new video up! This is such a fun way and fast way to cut an angled bob.
I have broken it down step by step for you to follow along with the video! I would love your comments and if there is anything that you are dying to see let me know.

Thank you!

Step by Step:

Section hair from the occipital bone diagonal back. Notice that it is the point to which the head naturally slopes down.

Over direct (bring all the hair to the central location) all of the hair straight up to the highest point of the parting and cut a straight blunt line

Take a horse shoe section from flat point of the back to the high temple area or point to which the eye brow arches.

Isolate the top

For finer hair textures like Jill's create a sub zig zag section to maintain weight and fullness towards the bottom.

Starting in the center back take a 2 inch pie shaped section (for those of you working on a more dense hair take 1 inch sections), over direct to the middle of the section, elevate at 90 degrees and cut short to long in a graduated manner

Notice the shape that is being taken

Continue working on the left side with 2 inch pie shaped sections over direct the hair back to the center and cut in the same manner: 90 degress elevation cutting short to long in a graduated manner

Continue working to the top of the ear in this fashion

At the top of the ear, over direct hair straight up and follow guide from short to long. To extend length slightly glide your hands out as you begin cutting short to long.

Check balance into back sections

Repeat this process on the opposite side

Drop down the isolated sections and begin Drying hair

Once hair is dry have guest look down

Cut the the base length, using a point cutting technique for softness, of the previous isolated sections to match the existing guide.

With the head upright check balance and clean up excess graduation.

Continue cutting length in a blunt cutting technique on the sides.

To add more texture and volume take a diamond shape section at the top of the crown

Deep point cut into this section creating a very shattered soft textured layer

Continue with a horse shoe section on top of the head and over direct back to balance the textured layer

Check visually for balance

For even more added texture and separation comb the hair forward and slightly slide cut into the hair creating more separation. Be carefully not to cut on top of the hair but behind it, so the layers are not as exposed but have a more invisible look, to maintain fullness to the hair.

For areas that are a little more fat or bulky, slide cut on the top to remove the excess bulk. But only in those areas.

Continue on the opposite side.

Always check balance and shape in the back at the very end.

This concludes our cut.

Practice Practice Practice and I hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. This is absolutely beautiful! Just what I was looking for!

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  3. Had to stop at 03:31 because of the TOO LOUD music! Way louder than the voice. Driving me crazy.