Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hair Colorist Wednesday: Color Formula!

Here is a great formula for Blondes I use all the time and oh so perfect for the Fall. We have talked a lot about taking blondes deeper and adding some more depth to your blonde. Well here is a fun way to take a NL 7 virgin guest to a perfect shade of dimensional blonde.

Base Level = 7

Alternate Formula 1, 2 & 3 in your standard formula manner for virgin application. Utilize extremely fine weaves throughout. The goal is to create an array of colors that give a beautiful dimension of color.

I use Redken Color So I will give you my Redken Formulas that I use. However, feel free to use the brand that you are most comfortable with.

1. Your favorite powder lightener with 20 volume (Redken Up to 7)
2. Your favorite high lift/double blonde Blue/Violet tone (Double Fusion = parts of AV & AB)
3. Demi-Permenant Level 7 Gold Tone (Shades EQ 7GB)

The result is beautiful and extremely low maintenance and pretty much the perfect color for a NL 7 looking to spice it up for the fall!

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  1. Just you foil in 1 & 2, then tone all over with #3?