Monday, October 4, 2010

Salon Business Monday!: Social Media & My Salon - Introduction To Facebook Part I

It's that time again. Monday! Let's talk about your salon.

So last week we left you a little on the edge and today we will cover most of what we did not.

We began this series of postings a few weeks ago, discussing the ways to integrate your salon and the virtual world via the internet. If you are just joining us make sure to go back and read the previous Salon Business Monday Posts, you can do so HERE.

If you are all caught up, well then let's continue shall we.

Today I am going to give you an introduction to creating a Facebook page and next week we will discuss the ways to utilize the Facebook page.

Why am I breaking this up into two weeks? Well I think it is important to not get overwhelmed with the information. The discussion of how to utilize Facebook will be vast and I would prefer to just give you some information on how to set up your page and save the insight on what I recommend you have on your page for next week.

Throughout this post I am going to be leading you to links on where to discover more information on the current topic of discussion.

How to set up a Facebook Fan Page & the difference between a fan page and a personal page:

Well this is quite easy and I am sure that most of you already know how to do this, but we will still run through the steps. However, I am guessing that many of you might see less value in a Facebook Fan Page as opposed to a Profile Page or maybe not even quite sure of the difference.

I am only going to tell you how to set up the Fan Page because I am going to be a bit biased in this post. Reason why?: Quite simple, there is far more value and ability to captivate your market and share your message clearly with the use of a Fan Page over a Facebook Page.

And now my thoughts:
-Everything written in that article I agree with 100 percent. Having a Fan Page gives you more opportunity to reach your market and communicate effectively to each and everyone of them on a personal basis.
-Facebook had the intentions of business in mind when creating the "Fan Page" option. So naturally you will have more functionality with Facebook used in it's proper manner.
-Statistics are the only way to monitor what is working within your marketing process. If you are not able to track it, well then what is the point?
-Fans are never limited yet Friends are: apparently you can have too many friends, according to Facebook, 5,000 is the max. However, you can never have too many fans.
-I really could keep going but I think by now you get the point, also make note of this, A LOT of what we discuss next week on how to utilize your Facebook page, will not be able to be achieved with the profile page.

** I will make a note, you do have the ability to add friends in a profile setting which you do not in the Fan Page setting, but that is OK. Everything we discuss next week we help you to captivate your market and grow your Fan Base!

So Now that we have that out of the way, let's get this bad boy up and running shall we?

Step 1: Easy as 123, Log on to

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom and find the button that says "Create a page for Celebrity....." Click it!

Step 3: Enter in all of your information and make sure to do it as a Local Business.
You can subcategorize your business as health and beauty.

Step 4: If you already have a Facebook Profile, then follow the steps for that option. Otherwise it will guide you into creating one. You must do this. Even if you do not want a personal Facebook account just create one for your access to your Fan Page. It will strictly be used as an administrative profile. You can control how personal or public you allow your "profile page" to get.

Ok everyone. This is where we stop today. I know, I know its a little silly but I want to work this in steps. If you feel the need to go through and create your info and picture and all that jazz. Go for it! If nothing else you will begin to feel comfortable with the operating system.

But for now and today.... Thats all he wrote!

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