Saturday, April 9, 2011

At Home Hair Color Nightmare! Hairstylists Do It Better; Period!

I hope you find this as funny and interesting as I do....

Procter & Gamble announced  Thursday they have recalled 10 shades of Clairol Natural Instincts hair coloring in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, citing a mismatch that could potentially cause an undesired color.

Procter & Gamble stated that they discovered a mismatched sachet in the product's kits that could lead to a different color than intended.

The sachet is designed to give a boost of color to users' hair two weeks after an initial hair coloring stage.

Procter & Gamble said the primary hair colorant in the product is not affected by the recall, adding all of the products in the kit remain safe to use.

They are removing the products from stores. Consumers with one of the Clairol Natural Instincts kits can use everything in the product, including the main colorant and color conditioning treatment, but should discard the ColorFresh Revitalizer sachet.
Customers who have purchased the recalled shades can call Clairol for a replacement number at 866-493-0512.

The Natural Instincts shades affected by the recall are:
-- Shade 16 Light Auburn (Spiced Tea)
-- Shade 35 Brown Black (Ebony Mocha)
-- Creme Shade 03G Light Golden Blonde (Honey Creme)
-- Creme Shade 7.5 Dark Blonde (Maple Creme)
-- Creme Shade 21G Medium Golden Brown (Caramel Creme)
-- Creme Shade 23R Medium Auburn (Raspberry Creme)
-- Creme Shade 30R Dark Auburn (Cherry Creme)
-- Creme Shade 31 Darkest Brown (Coffee Creme)
-- Vibrant Shade 9 Natural Light Blonde (Blonde Vibrance)
-- Vibrant Shade 10 Extra Light Blonde (Sun-Kissed Blonde)

My Thoughts: Color in a box.... really? Just don't do it! We do it better every time and that I will guarantee. Design, integrity and consistency seem to be just a few of the things lacking in this box!

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