Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Headbands, Hair Pins, Headpieces & More! Plus A Quick How To For Short Hair!


Do you love head bands as much as I do?

It's such a fun way to change your style, give your hair a little more volume or even better take your hair form a day/night look in seconds!

Here is a fun how to of how to make your short hair better with a head band. 

**For most of you, we know this might be easy, but for those of you who are not stylists, this might be very helpful!!

Step 1. Use a Texturizing product to rough up your hair texture and make it a little more pliable (easy to work with).

Step 2. Place and secure the head band roughly 4 fingers length from your front hair line or for those of you with bangs, just past the bang area.

Step 3. Pull pieces of your hair out from behind the head band and place them
over the elastic, to hide the elastic from showing.

Step 4. To increase volume, backcomb the hair behind the elastic. You do this by pulling strands of hair straight up and placing a comb in the center of the strand. Using the fine side of the comb push the hair strand down towards the scalp while holding the hair taught. This will create what is known as a Tease or Cushion to the hair.

Step 5. Once all of the volume has been maximized, spray your hair with a texturizing based hair spray to create hold and separation

Here is a fun slide show of some great ideas for headbands, hair pins and more!

P.S.  Salons! I think if you don't have an assortment of these in your salon you need them.


  1. Thanks, love it. On a different note...I have a hair color question. I graduated from Paul Mitchell in 2010 and have not worked in a salon since, as I recently had a baby and am pursuing that! I'm naturally a level 7, but have been dying my hair darkish for about 2 years. I've had as dark as a level 3, but right now the darkest part is probably a level 4 or 5. I really want to go back to something close to my natural color all over; a level 6 or 7. In school they always told me the ONLY way to do that would be lightening, which can be very damaging. At this point, I'm not as concerned with the integrity of my hair as I normally am. Couldn't I use a Color Remover? Every time I go to a salon they seem to talk me out of going lighter....is color remover not used in salons? I see a lot of people go from really dark to light blonde several times....so why can't I get anyone to get my hair a few levels lighter?! I guess my main question is: what do I need to communicate to my stylist so that I can get what I want?!

  2. What are your thoughts about head bands and people who wear glasses?