Thursday, May 26, 2011

Q & A: Layering Question (Specifically For A Heart Shaped Face).

Question: "peecho86" writes.....
"Help Needed
I wanna do my younger sis [haircut]... she has wavy hair and wants to retain length, also she has got volume in her hair, im confused about what [type of] layering [to cut] and what [type of] texturing i need to do.... her face shape is heart.
kindly reply !!!!!"


Thank you so much "peecho86" for your Question!

So, from what you are describing, it seems as if you are trying to create a long layered effect to her hair. The benefit of long layers is the ability to maintain weight and length while still enhancing the shape and body of the interior within the cut.

Ideally being that she has a heart shaped face you want to keep the height to a minimum and create contour and volume around her face. Beginning somewhere bellow the cheek bone, depending on the exact facial structure, is the ideal place to create this shape. 

One of the best ways to create this form of layering would be to establish the length of the shortest layer at the point to which you want maximum volume and cut everything else based off of that point. 

Once you have established this length, elevate everything 45 degrees out from the crown of the head; starting in the center back. Using your layer length as your guide cut the "triangle" shape that will be present, removing maximum amount of weight within this area.

Pivot from that point from center to left over directing each section to your last to maintain the length in layers. (A Hot Tip would be to over direct the last 2 sections near the front hairline back to the previous.)

Finally repeat this process on the opposite side, starting in center working to the right.

This is a very basic long layered based haircut. What makes this personalized to a heart shaped face is the point to which you establish the shortest layer!!!

Thank you again for your input and Question!!

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