Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lady Gaga's Mom Was Her Hair Stylist??

It seems Lady Gaga's mom used to cut her hair when she was younger. Funny thing about that is it wasn't by choice.

Apparently her mom used to cut her split ends while she was sleeping.
Why is this news floating about? Well she not only is telling the world about her secret hair stylist, but she's singing about it. Her new single "Hair" is about how parents try to change your looks, without realizing how important your hair and clothes are to your sense of identity.
In an interview about the song Gaga explained, "When I was young my mom and dad used to ask me to not leave the house dressed a certain way and asked me to change my hair."
"My mom would even cut my hair when I was asleep because I had really long split hairs, because I liked it really long like a hippy."
"Your hair is your glory and my hair represents my identity as it does represent the identity for many people."
I think with a song title like "Hair", we have to listen!

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