Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hair Stylist Costume Of The Day!

So we decided with Halloween Coming!!.... we would give you some great Halloween costume ideas up until the big day.

Every day expect to see the "Hair Stylist Costume Idea of the day!" I mean come on... If your a Hair Stylist it needs to be epic, hot and stylish!

So... with out further waiting here is today's costume of the day.......

HA... yeah not really, I think we can do better than that....

 I'm loving this idea. For all you Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Fans this one is for you. Lisbeth has everything you need to make this Halloween killer and you can do it super cheap... just take a look at everything above, chances are you already have most of what's there. Want to take it further? Go for the cut! 

"Being Lisbeth involves two things: an all-black ensemble and a penchant for pain. (Don't worry, you can fake the latter.) Start with the basics: a pair of liquid leather leggings (we like these from American Apparel), a black tank top (only $5 at Old Navy), a leather jacket (check out this cheap option from Forever 21) and a pair of heavy-duty black boots—the better to kick your enemies right in their motherfrankin' teeth. Then, accessorize with short black hair (a wig works, if you don't want to chop your own locks), a spiked collar and a faux septum piercing, and, of course, a large dragon tattoo on your upper back. Smokey eyes complete your Lisbeth look... along with a raging desire to issue an epic beatdown or two."

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