Friday, October 28, 2011

Inspiration Woman #1: Jenny Lewis

Want to see what a perfect redhead looks like? Then just Google Jenny Lewis.

You may or may not know her from "Troop Beverly Hills," "The Wizard," the lead singer of the best band ever- Rilo Kiley...she has dated Jake Gyllenhaal, set some awesome hipster trends, rocked ruffle socks with Mary Janes, brought back sultry 70's styles...I kinda idolize her so I apologise for my high praises of her if you do not agree with me.

I have to say she is one of my main inspirations...check her music out if you have never heard of her by the way.

Anyhow- her wavy, natural looking red locks always makes my heart flutter a little bit. Not only does this girl portray a shy and demure lady at times, but can also pull of a hot and fierce woman that you don't wanna f*%k with.

And who doesn't want the versatility of being the girl next door to the vamp? SO CHECK IT...JENNY LEWIS...

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