Monday, October 31, 2011


Check out this great video showcasing Giuseppe Zanotti from Millan Fashion Week 2012.  His shoes are amazing and the collection is so large but still has such a a great cohesiveness; I love it.

With an inspiration from "a girl from the 70's" with an African twist of details and colors, Zanotti creates his collection using a lot of texture and volume.

His inspiration really comes out within this collection. I think there is a lot of strength in the choice of colors and shape in what he's doing. "The shoes in the 70's were a little more aggressive..... [these] shoes are a little more ergonomic.... sweet."

As a hair stylist I love the idea of building inspiration from something like this. It is so much fun when we are able to truly find inspiration in our Fashion. Personally I am so drawn to the use of the texture... with the combination of the colors.

Another piece of this video that was so great was the passion he had for his work. It really shows when someone cares and puts their heart and soul (no pun intended) into what they do. I think it shines through... some how your work is just better. To me that is just such an amazing lesson!

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