Thursday, October 27, 2011


So I was having a discussion with a guest of mine while working behind the chair today and I figured I just had to share this for the costume of the day.

Personally I think this is brilliant! In fact to share a little bit about my self... it's totally where I am going with my Halloween this year.

1980's wrestling costumes.

Now for all of those of you reading this who are females don't worry, there is a whole club of female wrestlers! They are dubbed G. L. O. W. - The Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling.

Do you remember this?? If you do your amazing!! Either way this is definitely a must for Halloween. Also, it's extremely easy and you get to wear super huge 80's hair!

Also Please Watch This!:

For all the guys out there, it is pretty much endless. But if your lost here are some great buys from amazon:

Sargent Slaughter

And of course your classics.... Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage, The Ultimate Warrior.... the list goes on and on... But one thing is for sure with male wrestlers THERE WERE A LOT OF MULLETS!!

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