Saturday, October 1, 2011

Audrina Patridge Goes Blonde... What do you think?

Audrina Patridge showcased a new look when she showed up to an appearance at Sears in Los Cerritos promoting Bongo jeans The 26-year-old actress was seen sporting a dramatic change by lightening up her locks with a blond ombre effect.

According to Patridge this look feels a little more natural and "[my] natural hair color is actually a dirty, light blond."

It's interesting to still see this ombre look in the mainstream light. It's something I thought would have more than likely died down by now; more than it has anyways. Even though we are seeing a little less and less of this look, we are still seeing it.

With that said, I love the change on her and I do think its a perfect fit for her.



  1. I think the ombre effect is here to stay although I think it will be executed using less contrast than what we are used to seeing. When you look at little kids hair, it is almost always naturally "ombre". I think this technique can be used in conjunction with traditional highlighting techniques to create more natural looking highlights. Love your blog! Looking forward to seeing more videos!

  2. i think change is suiting her. yeah its perfect.

  3. she look nice in Different dress and hair style different and beautiful. I like it.

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