Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fashion & Hair Changes Lives! Check out this heartfelt and inspiring story!!

How amazing is it that we have the ability to touch peoples lives like this! To think that this experience may even give an individual the strength for life!!

This is such an amazing and inspiring article (which includes a video!). Please check it out:

Mary Alice Stephenson, fashion ambassador for the Make-a-Wish Foundation, along with “America’s Next Top Model” photographer Nigel Barker helped fulfill a shared dream of four teenagers — to be a model for a day. The four teens are battling life-threatening diseases, and last week, they were able to forget their treatments and simply enjoy being a style star. TODAY's Amy Robach got a front row seat at the inspiring show.

Numerous hair and makeup stylists — a “glam squad” — dolled up the girls in red carpet-worthy gowns and designer shoes on a fairy tale-inspired set. Nigel Barker then photographed the teens, all showing off their best poses, while their family and loved ones looked on.



  1. This is such a heart warming story. There are such hundred ways to make people happy as well as inspired. I was really inspired by this one.

  2. Wow, what a touching story! It's great to see America's Next Top Model making dreams come true for these girls. It's true, there are so many small things that can be done to brighten someone's day. Not everyone can have the chance to work with Nigel Barker, but sometimes new cancer wigs can help someone that is currently undergoing treatment.