Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Strong Architecture Based Shapes Brought Derek Lam's Sportswear Collection Together.

In conjunction to using a wide variety of textiles, Derek Lam was able to capture a modern architecture based feel to his sportswear collection.

Lam said in his notes that the little fantasy that shapes the look begins at a beautiful mid-century home in Palm Springs, Calif., specifically the Kaufman house designed by Richard Neutra. The clean, modern interiors coupled with the desert landscape is his “place of salubrious comfort.”

Everything felt very androgynous. This collection is without a doubt an ideal fitting and design for a confident woman. A woman who doesn't mind hiding her "comfort features" and using her face to expose her beauty.

The hair was a fabulous addition to this collection. In keeping the theme of over exposing the woman's face, it was a perfect design by pulling it all back and using a side part to tie off the androgynous feel.

I was also drawn to this collection for the versatility of it's inspiration. Some pieces took us back to the strength of the 60's while other pieces, due to the textile, gave a loosens  of the 70's.

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