Thursday, September 29, 2011

Evan Rachel Wood's New Pixie Cut is the Pefect Hair Cut...

...According to her stylist, Marcus Francis, anyways.

"[It's] the perfect balance of masculine and feminine," he told "[A] combed out finger wave with a David Bowie twist."
Here is a great "how to" that Marcus Describes on how to get this perfect look:

"Prep damp hair with a volume spray blow drying with your hands to manipulate volume at the roots. In the back, direct the hair down; on the sides, use your fingers to direct the hair back - keeping a piecey texture," he explained.

With the hair slightly dry, lightly spritz with a tousled wave spray to "thicken the look and feel of the hair".
 To Create the waves:
 "With the end of a tail comb, make a deep side part starting at the arch of your eyebrow. Starting at the part, wrap small sections of hair using a 3/4 inch curling iron. Moving toward the other eyebrow, your next row of sections will alternate the direction of the curl. This emulates an imperfect version of a finger wave."
"Continue this alternating curl pattern until you've finished the top side section. At the crown of the head, wrap the hair as you did in the beginning, alternating about three rows down."
Marcus then explains with your fingers begin to break up the curls. Finish with a hairspray for great hold.
Love the look! Think it's a great how to as well and easy enough for you guys to take with you into the salon and share with your guests.

What do you think?


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