Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lets Get Excited! Fashion Week Opens in 1 Hour! [Nicholas K Show Live]

Every year fashion week comes and brings us a plethora of inspiration, excitement and new ideas!

We know sometimes as a hairstylist it can be overwhelming and almost impossible to keep up with it all (especially because we have our day jobs). Don't worry we've got you covered. Make sure to stay in tuned with as we will break down all the goods and give you the latest and greatest on all things related to hair.

This thing is about to kick off in one hour! So let's get excited!!

What better way to kick it off other than bringing you to the show. So, make sure to check out the opening show to this years NYC Fall Fashion Week:

Watch Now!
NICHOLAS K LIVE STREAM / Thursday, September 9 / 9AM

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