Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nicholas K Show Brings an Instant New Approach to Hair.

Did you watch the Nicholas K show? If not.. its cool... RECAP!

I loved what I saw. A really earthy vibe with a lot of soft color.

A lot of the hair was hidden but still utilized. The hair that we did see though was very cool and quite refreshing!

Often times at fashion week we tend to see something new but something old. Now don't get me wrong I feel like that's what we are looking at here... but it had a very futuristic vibe about it! I love the way that with fashion you can just move something in a different direction or change the texture just slightly and all of sudden innovation is born!

There was a lot of asymmetry going on with this hair, but that's not it... it was the fact that there was a lot of asymmetry, with long hair. I loved it!! Great way to start the day and I feel it might be a glimpse into the "future" :)

As a side note: I loved the clothes!

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