Monday, November 21, 2011

Guarantee Me!

Ever have a guest call you 2 weeks after a haircut stating that it is too long, uneven, doesn't like the cut...etc...or they call 6 weeks later and you want to let them know it's time for their next apppointment-not a free cut fix.

Or how about a highlight guest who always calls the next week complaining about one strand of hair she wants blonde that didn't get highlighted?

I'm sure we all have the guests who sometimes take advantage...but we also have guests who have a genuine and legit aggravation or guests who never speak up when they are unhappy and then never return. Personally I would like to hear it when my guest is unhappy-otherwise how can I ever learn from my mistakes?

One solution we use in my salon is having a guarantee policy in place for the guests to be aware of. Each new guest fills out a contact information sheet that states both our cancellation and guarantee policy. Our policy basically explains that our guests have 48 hours to inform us of any challenges they are having with their services for a no charge correction. Any time after 48 hours there may be either a slight fee to cover the cost of products- or if it has been a while since their service it may be the actual cost of the service.

You want to be as accommodating as possible- after all they are your business and you don't want them to leave you over something silly. But at the same time you want to be smart about your business and have something in place that protects you as well from being taken advantage of. I also think it's nice for guests to know that they have the opportunity to inform you of anything they don't like about their hair after they leave. The general public seem to just leave a salon if they are not happy with their visit- this gives them a chance to come back and get what they want and then be satisfied.

Always analyze each situation. You don't always have to enforce your policy if you know and understand a certain situation- you don't have to be the policy nazi.


  1. Great post. You want happy clients, and most of all, loyal clients that will keep coming back to you. Being accommodating is part of being a great stylist!