Wednesday, November 2, 2011

HOLLYWOOD DETECTIVE: This ain't no ordinary front desk girl

Booking appointments is not enough in this day and age. We want to be ON TOP of everything and one step ahead of the game- which means: KNOW YOUR GUESTS AND WHAT THEIR NEEDS ARE before they step into your salon.


Each new guest is asked some basic questions prior to having an appointment booked- this way we know what to expect- and what is expected of us- before they get here.

Some questions to ask NEW GUEST arriving to your salon:

1) Hair length, density, texture? (heads up for your stylists- also this may help you to book new guest with the most appropriate hair dresser for them.)

2) Is this going to be a whole new look or just maintenance? (are you going into corrective situations- if so, maybe a consult is needed.)

3) When was the last time you had cut/color/highlights? (stylist knows a little history of the hair)

I like to be sure my hair stylists have enough time with new guests- I never want a new guest to have an unfulfilled and disappointing visit because the hair dresser didn't have enough time for them.

Think of it as your bag of tricks...
Also, what is the harm in having TOO MUCH information? The more you know the better equipped you are at DOING YOUR JOB.

*I spend way too much time finding silly pictures*

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  1. This is so true, I always go back to the same salon because of how well they remember rme, makes me feel like they care. I brought my stylist a Sophia grace apron since she always goes out of her way for me.