Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Story To Make You Thankful & Inspired!

There are so many things to be thankful for, even more so on a day like today. We should all be thankful for the amazing world that we live in and the amazing industry we are apart of.

When I read this article I just had to post it and share it with everyone!

** This article comes to us by way of and was written by SalonGalaxy's Art DiGiacomo

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Being Inspired by a Blind Hairdresser
Being Inspired by a Blind Hairdresserby: Arthur DiGiacomo
On a whole we our own a group of talented  individuals in an industry full of amazing creativity, but the individual ego and our competitive nature sometimes does not allow for the true meaning, of why we are who we are to shine through.  
As I waited for everyone to join me in the conversation on a conference call, I could not help but think how a person without sight, might be able to have a career as a hairdresser in the beauty industry.  It was when I was a creative young upcoming hairdresser that I use to kid with my clients and say I could cut their hair with my eyes closed. (Yes, I would shut my eyes and take a snip).
As you know hairdressing is a visionary profession. A profession where the work needs to been seen to be appreciated and especially to know completely about facial structures, hair texture, color and motion to create the looks that get published and win awards. We preach that education is the key to success in the beauty industry.
I am here to add it also takes a determination to bear the brunt of a bad marriage, money, drugs, alcohol, abuse, depression, and especially the will to live through life and what it bestows on us on a personal level, from time to time.                
I have said many times to my children, friends, and colleagues that it is life’s experiences that give you wisdom.  But to gain that wisdom we need the desire to learn – “It is important to go through life being a good speaker and teacher, but it is more important to be a great listener and student”.
The longer we live the more we learn.  Wisdom is gained through Experience !
  •    Every time you think you have enough Wisdom to Teach – You Learn
  •    Every motivational speaker who encourages us – Listens
  •    Every Educator who instructs us – Is Inspired
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