Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Do you ever find that you have way more retail not moving from their shelves as quickly as they should? Yeah, you can put on the pressure for everyone to "sell their retail"- but also keep in mind that maybe it's the products that are in your inventory that just aren't selling at all.

This is pretty common- you have a product line so you want to carry everything in that line only to find several items are still there from the day you ordered them. No biggie. Simple solution- put the items that are not selling up for a great discount- get them out of there and never order them again unless someone wants a special order for them.

It there an item in your inventory that just won't sell?

It's better to stock up on the faster selling items that are always flying off the shelf than to invest in items that rarely leave the salon.

Another idea- if your guest does want to purchase an item that you don't happen to have on hand or you are a salon that maybe cannot afford right now to have a big inventory- offer a discount for purchasing it in advance- this way you are offering an incentive for your guest to buy it here and now- rather than them going to the drug store down the street that somehow ended up with OUR SALON PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS- Don't even get me started on that.

In my salon I will usually say something like: "Sally Sue wanted you to take PeePoop's shampoo and conditioner home with you today. We don't have those products in right now- but we can give you 10% off both products for buying them today. Once it comes in we will call you and you can come pick it up at your convenience!" And then they are all like, "Oh, how awesome...this is SOOOO AMAZING, I am so excited about this that I will take three of each and pay for shipping and handling...."....not really. But that is what plays in my head. 

My biggest thing: I hate it when people throw their hands up in the air and think, "oh well, there is nothing I can do about it."-

Whaaaa we don't have it here they aren't going to buy it...and whaaa I can't sell any retail...Well- in the day and age where we can save lives with our bare hands, yeah, you can. You just have to do something about it.

Be smart about your business. If something isn't working- try something else.

If you have any questions about selling retail or little helpful hints let me know, I am happy to help!

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