Sunday, November 13, 2011

You've Got Questions?? We've Got Answers!: How do I fade from a 000 to a 4 with oster 76?

Question:  How do I fade from a 000 to a 4 with oster 76?

When it comes to fading hair it's all about the motion of your wrist in conjunction with the clippers and guards.

So knowing you have a great pair of clippers, The "Oster 76" Classics, you know you're on the right track to giving a great seamless hair haircut.

Once you have the right pair of clippers, make sure you have a great pair of guards. This is crucial to creating your hair cut. The more guards you have, the more control you will have over your cut and again, the more seamless your cut will be.

Check out these guards which are perfect for the Oster brand clippers:

So, now that you have all of the equipment here is what you need to do! We broke it down step by step:

1. Starting with your largest desired guard (in this case size:4). Begin cutting the hair from the base of the hair line sliding the clippers all the way up to the base of the crown. The clippers should roll off of the crown area with a slight flick of the wrist. Continue doing this motion until you have completed the entire back and side areas.
 ** If you wish the top of the hair to be cut with a 4 guard then you will cut the entire head with a 4 guard first. If you wish for more length through the top, then you will roll off at the crown like stated.

2. Decrease your guard to the second largest (in this case: 3 or 3.5). *Please note if you have half sizes, this will make the cut more seamless. Repeat the process from step one, only roll off from the head slightly lower from the previous point (once again with a slight flick of the wrist as you roll off).

3. You will continue to repeat this processes decreasing in guard size and slowly moving down the head. The point in which you blend your fade should slowly be moving down towards the hairline.

4. Once all of the sides and back have been finished, using a scissor over comb method, begin blending your lines even further with a texture based shear. This will help to create softness and precision in your cut.

**Skip Steps 5 and 6 if you cut the entire head in step one with your largest guard. If you wished for more length through the top continue on with the remaining steps:
5. Using a scissor over comb technique and using a texture shear, begin rolling the comb, starting slightly bellow the crown, finishing towards the top of the crown. The desired length should be determined prior to cutting and you will visually create your length using the scissor over comb technique.

6. Once the length on the sides is blended into the length on the top, begin cutting the rest of the top length with a blunt shear, using a 90 degree cutting technique.

7. Once finished, remove all guards from the clippers and edge the sides according to the desired look. If necessary use a T shaped clipper for the edging. This will give you more control, as this what they are designed for; need a great one? Check out this edger:

That pretty much sums it up!! Hope this helps!

Also be on the look out for mens cutting videos, as we are in the process of filming multiple Hair Cutting Videos for THSB which will all be free and on our THSB TV on YouTube.

If you have questions we have answers, so don't be afraid to ask!!!


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  2. Thank you for the great tips! I recently received my license earlier this I have been professionally cutting hair for only 3 months, I am so excited! But, fading is my weak point that I want to make stronger... I have the same Clippers shown(Oster), and I also start from the top to the bottom, but I find that going from a 1.5 guard to a 1 guard seems like a much bigger jump to me than, for example, a 5 guard to a 4.5 guard. Any tips on what I could possibly be doing to create a line I can't blend out? Or maybe I need new blending tips? Any help is appreciated! I love the blog and I love being a hairstylist!

  3. Hey!
    Thanks for the feedback. So when you get to the point where you need more blend-ability between a 1 and 1.5 it is vital to use your shear or texture shear over comb technique. We are doing a Men's hair cut how to video that will be posted on our you tube channel in December. I will post back the link. This will help!

  4. Hi! I have bleached light blonde hair, but I wanna try to dye it red (non/semi-permanent hair color), just to see how it is. Will I still get my light blonde hair color back to how it was after the red is out again?