Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hair Removal Company Suing Kim Kardashian For False Statments

Well its seems Kim Kardashian is scamming us again. This time it's in our industry. Words for money seems to be her game. Does that make her a Promotional Escort?

Kim Kardashian is being sued by the Hair-removal company, Radiancy. Allegedly she has made multiple false and misleading statements via social media and television appearances.

During an appearance on "The Wendy Williams Show" she claimed to have been using the product on her entire body. However, the company is very clear that the product is in no way to be used on the face, head, ears, neck, nipples, genitals or around the anus

I can see how this is a complete exaggeration on her part and it was highly unlikely that she meant she was using this product in these areas.

But, this was the kicker for me anyways...

According to Radiancy, Kardashian was tweeting last December that she began using the product and was loving the results, even though she had only been using the product for a few weeks. TRIA (the product being used) states she wouldn't begin to see results from the product for at least 90 days. In other words, it would be highly improbable that Kim would have noticed any result during that time.

Radiancy is asking that Kardashian stop making the allegedly false claims, and is also seeking unspecified damages.

This is interesting, that is for sure. Who knows with these celebrity's and their endorsements. I mean in the end that's what it is right? Just a public figure making money for the "act" of using a product.


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