Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hair Color Wednesday! November Brings More Red Heads; Before & Afters Included!

Hey everyone. I know it's borderline Thursday. However, being that it is Thanksgiving eve I was traveling in a car for a few hours making me a little late for this post.

But have no fear, Hair Color Wednesday (Thursday shh!) is here!:

So last Hair Color Wednesday we showcased Demetria Lovato's new red hair. If you missed that check it out here

Well 2 weeks later we are looking at a similar situation and the exciting part is, we have before and afters! So check it out!:
Her hair is previously highlighted with a natural level 7 golden base.

We decided to prep color her hair. The reason we decided to do this is because we wanted a strong foundation of copper in her hair while at the same time encouraging a slight amount of gold within the color.

Our formula of choice for prep coloring (filler): level 7 Golden Copper - 7GC

We only processed this color for 10 minutes.

Once Processed we applied our final color gloss on her hair dry.

We wanted to use a formula for her color that was rich in copper but still emphasized a little red. We also wanted to make sure we had a strong amount of depth to her color to really brighten her eyes and skin tone.

Our formula of choice for her color: 1.4 oz of level 5 Copper Brown (a red/orange tone), 0.4 oz of level 6 Copper Brown (a red/orange tone), 0.2 oz of 6 Red Red (your strongest red based color).

And this was our final look:

Here is a picture with sun exposure
This picture has a little less sun exposure.

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  1. Wow, that looks great. A very precise color choice!

    -friend from Facebook