Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I've gotta RUST for life...

Just a little back ground on me...I'm from Florida. This means that any chance I got I am trying to recreate a feeling of season. We have none. SOOOO if that means I have to find teeny tiny little ways of making it feel like September-November, I will.

This post is dedicated to a color. RUST! This auburny, warm, chestnutty, orangy-red hue makes me feel like I am in a Midwest town riding my bike down a street lined with changing leaves... makes me feel like I am sipping a Chai Tea while sitting by a roasting fie place, it makes me wish I was knitting a woolly scarf...well not that last one, but you get the jest.

I find this color popping up everywhere: Hair! Nails! Fashion! OLD cars and fences!

How does RUST make you feel? Does it make you feel how I feel? I promise you, this isn't the last time you will be seeing this color...I think it is going to be around to stay for a while- so if you haven't bought, made, or stolen from your sibling anything of this color it's not too late!

Rust In Peace my fellow readers. 

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