Friday, September 10, 2010


BCBG Showcased at this years fashion week by kicking off day 2. I felt it fell a little short. To me the styles didn't really bring a lot of new energy or creation to the table. I was not fond of the girl it portrayed and the hair just fell a little flat for me personally.

Not to say it was all a bust. There were absolutely some garments in that showcase that I enjoyed. I just was not crazy about it as a collection nor was I crazy about the energy that came with it as a whole.

The hair was very simple and informal, which I am completely OK with. The problem for me is that it captured a look from a few years ago. I think the women of today ARE getting a little more simpler and informal, but doing it in a much more "dirty" and innovative fashion.

By all means that is not for everyone nor does that exact look and feeling need to be carried out into every garment and model's hair in FW. I just felt that we have seen this woman before and I am bored of her.

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