Saturday, September 4, 2010

Katy Perry Purple & Blue Extensions... Hoping her parents won't find out?

So I have been seeing a lot of posts on various blogs about Katy Perry's Purple and Blue Hair.

If you haven't seen it by now... take a look.


Well, I'll tell you mine.

I don't think it's that big of a deal. I mean personally it's not like it's the most terrible thing but at the same time it's nothing really special and I am really not into it on her per say. I kind of think its a little young. Come on Katy, I would have loved to see maybe a little bit more drama the hair.

It's kind of like something a young middle/high school girl may wear.

You know.... it's almost like her way of being cool and edgy but at the same time enough to where she won't upset her parents.

I guess she's hoping mommy and daddy might not find out. I am pretty sure you're what's known as a rock star. If you want blue in your hair do it with an attitude.

Is it just me?

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