Monday, September 13, 2010

Salon Business Monday! How To Get Connected Online

Time for another addition of Salon Business Monday!

Over the next few weeks we are going to give you a few ideas on how to connect with your guests via the internet.

This is not an option this is a necessity so Salon Owners if you have not incorporated new media into your salon's business strategy, we highly recommend you start today!

We will start today with the virtual business card a.k.a. your website.

Salon owners, do you have a website? If yes, well you will just have to wait until next week when we discuss what content is necessary for your website.

During this installment you will learn a few great ways to get a site and the means to which it is operated.

So, for those of you who do not have a website for your salon and feel like it is either WAY
to expensive or you are completely website making illiterate, do we have news for you! It can and is sooooo simple.

Making a website can be fun and simple and the best part is you don't need to know how to make a website. It can be as easy as doing a Facebook page! and I know we all know how to do that.

Our first step then of this week is going to require you to do a little research to find what method best suites your needs, however we will put you in the right direction.

There are many options to ways that you can create a site for your business and still keep the expense in the minimum.

First lets look at the do it yourself option:

There are tons of wonderful do it your self website based companies on the web that ma
ke it so simple to create your site, it's like updating a Facebook page. We recommend you check out

Salon Builder will give you all the necessary tools to get started, make it simple and the cost is on a monthly basis that includes everything you need.

You absolutely need to look into all options of companies in this method. We just happen to like salon builder because it is industry specific.

Now of course there are a few down sides to doing this method as a opposed to using a web design based company, for instance the simplicity and uniqueness of the site. However, I think it is important to over look these things and take control of them. By maintaing your sense of brand through the "structured" site building system, you are still able to portray your message and have a site that you can manage and showcase to current and future business.

Make sure everything that you load into this site that is both visual and verbal properly
portrays your image and message of what your salon is all about!

Verdict: This is a great option. If you are looking for no hassle and ease I would go with this option. You will find as we continue on with this topic in the monday's to come you will be limited to some of the options with a website platform such as this. But, if time and effort are not something you have a lot of this is a great way to go and a wonderful way to get started!

Now lets look at the "let them do it" option:

I am not going to lie. If you have the money, time and lets say patience to work with a design company, I highly recommend it.

There are hundreds and thousands of graphical design based companies which can be sc
ary! So we are going to give you a list of 3, that are all great and all different.

1. Lucky Stone Media - A small bases website/graphical design based company with a strong knowledge in almost anything web design related.

Thoughts on this: Well this one is obvious because they designed The Hair Stylist Blog. It is a wonderful web/graphic design based company. Due to the fact of their size they have less clients and more opportunity to spend working one on one with you. Another great thing about Lucky Stone Media is the cost factor would be likely under average due to it being a smaller based company. Also the visual arts they create are very modern and relevant to your brand!

Verdict: Great Buy! If you have time to spend and not tons of money to blow, consider lucky stone. Biggest down side would be the time issue. You will have to work very much one on one for updates to the site, which often times can cost additional depending on the plan you have set up

2. Salon Templete - This is kind of like a hybrid in a sense it allows you to create a template so half the work is done and you can work with their graphic arts team to create a more customized site based on your needs and the template that was chosen.

Thoughts on this: It's great because you have a clear vision of what your site is going to look like before its finished, which keeps the guessing game to a minimum. This method can get rather expensive and very hard for you to up date once it is finished.

Verdict: Hold out on this unless you have a good understanding of general web design.

3. Studio AKT - A medium to large based web/graphic design company. AKT specializes more
in alternative based musical acts. This can be a big bonus depending on the image of the salon. If your are looking to bring an edge to your salon, their design team might be just what your looking for. A very plus side of AKT is the updating is just like updating Facebook or a do it your self site. The only difference is the lay out will be completely customizable. Being that they are larger, there will be less intimacy with a company like this and more than likely much more expensive.

Verdict: Very Expensive but if you can afford it GO FOR IT! Why? 2 reasons, it is completely customizable (if you can dream it you can probably get it) and 2 its as easy to update as it is a Facebook page.

Last but not least Barter!!:

Find a local web based designer via advertisements, craig s list, etc. and work with them on a bartering based system.

We are in one of the few industries that can take advantage of bartering so do it. This would by far be my #1 suggestion. However, only get involved with someone you feel comfortable with and that you know does a great job. In what we do, time is money and it doesn't make sense to have a bogus site and just because you bartered it "isn't a big deal." The time you spend doing their hair could be used doing something productive!

So that concludes today but we are far from done.


But get a site!!! It is beyond important, it is your new business card!

Next week we explore what to put on your website or better known as the CONTENT!

Until next time...........

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